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International Relation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

International Relation - Essay ExampleFor the Non g in all overnmental organizations to be able to impact their influence, they lead the turn out of larger multinational organizations as well (Palmer 2006). One such relationship has been in cosmos with the United Nations for over 50 years now. This relationship is not adequately recorded as it has experienced a lot of metamorphoses over time (Palmer 2006). However the most important thing is the common goals each of these organizations have a terra firma that is clean, healthy, and has opportunity for all to live their lives in justice and without fear. The UN and the nongovernmental organizations both support this (Ishkanian 2008).The role of Non governmental organizations in bringing the world to its senses (consciousness) is basically consultative though recently the employment of the NGOs has become more intensive just like governments and political organizations. The most influential NGOs are the worldwide ones and this i ncreased participation of the International NGOs is what has come to be commonly described as the Civil nightclub (Palmer 2006). The UN describes this as the world where social movements systematize themselves focused on certain goals, constituencies, and thematic interests (UN secretary) NGOs Promotion of majority ruleIts has been the goal of the non governmental organization and the united nations to achieve a 100 percent democratic world over the next 25 years and this can only be achieved by radical reward of the principal freedom fighters (Ishkanian 2008).The NGOs have an advantage of a strong foundation of success and experience over the past decades. The freedom house has been genuinely active in fighting fascism as an effort to force a democratic world since 1940 while the league of women voters took up the initiative to fight for democracy in the period after the World War II in Germany and Europe at large dowery Spain and Portugal achieve democracy (Gagnon Jr 1995). E ven America in the 1980s experienced a lot of NGO contribution to promoting democratic activities such as expansion of freedoms. The freedom house has indicated that over the past 33 years, the number of non free nations in terms of democracy has reduced by 50%. The AFL-CIO has played a very important role in the achievement and strengthening cohesion in Poland while the subject Democratic Institute has been involved in teaching democrats in Hungary about communism and benefits of democracy. NGOs are very effective as they can operate even in dangerous nations where dictators are still in power and where dictatorship is no longer in existence. This fact can be the mother of all strategies of initiating and maintaining democracies (Donald 1994). Dictatorship is the moist challenging issue in the achievement of democracy, paradoxically, with international NGOs in place, these fact is ofttimes very string as there is immense knowledge of how dictators in the past have left over(p) po wer and long lasting democracies implemented. Recently, a research by the freedom house indicated that so utmost over 67 transitions of freedom have been won

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Homework Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

planning - Essay ExampleRecording the information of the relations in a journal After record data chronologicall(a)y in the source document, it is transferred to the general journal, which may have other specific journals such(prenominal) as sales and cash journals as suggested by Simplestudies LLC (2012).The journal information is transmitted relevant accounts in the daybook hence posting The information from the general journal is transferred to ledger where information of all accounts in a business is maintained.Posting in account is the process of transmitting the details of financial transaction to the ledger. These transactions are initially found in the business journals. Posting is important in ingeminate entry accounts as it transfers the debit and reference work aspects of a financial to relevant accounts.A trial rest period in accounting refers to a statement, which has a conventional format of its own. It is not necessarily a ledger account. It provides a summary re port used to check whether all financial transactions in the accounting system follow the double entry rules as suggested by Simplestudies LLC (2012). The trail remnant is the sixth standard in the accounting process and it can be prepared at anytime. However, it is mostly prepared in front financial statements are prepared. The trial balance as opposed to the financial statement is prepared and utilize by the internal accounting team.A trial balance is usually prepared in companionship to check the accuracy calculations used in accounting process. In accounting a trial balance is also used to ensure that the rules of double entry are followed during the recording of financial transactions through with(p) at a specific time. This is usually done by summing all debit balances found in the general ledger. It is also done by ensuring that the sum of debit balances is equal to the sum of all credit balances of the general ledger according to Simplestudies LLC (2012). A trial balan ce usually provides a list of all the accounts found in the

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Police Supervision and Management Complete Unit 3 Essay

Police Supervision and Management Complete building block 3 - Essay ExampleEfficiency is the achievement of a given task using the to the lowest degree cost or resources possible. To calculate efficiency, the input mustiness be compargond to the output. The cost of input can be estimated, but the output of police may not be readily determined. Nevertheless, for departmental success, the police must perform to a give full(prenominal) output and in turn a high efficiency, which translates to high productivity.Effectiveness refers to the proper performance of tasks to meet the program goals. When police officers are assigned duties, supervisors must exercise follow-ups to ensure their effectiveness. This confirms why effectiveness is critical in productivity measurement.Equity is the attribute of services delivered to the participation by police. Timely response, enough patrol units, and equal services to all are some measures of equity. Thus, quality of police services to the co mmunity is a measure of their performance.Accountability is the state of being answerable to whether resources are used for the intended purpose or not. Hence, proper use of resources can be monitored by patronise productivity and performance measurement (Iannone, Iannone, & Bernstein, 2009).It is the duty of supervisors to estimate subordinates performance. In regard to this question, the principal issues associated with the ability of supervisors to evaluate subordinates. Also, insights on things that can be applied to minimize the effect of errors in performance ratings will be provided. Some of the methods used in performance evaluation in an agency of law enforcement or a correctional facility will be stated, with their benefits and drawbacks.The main issues associated with the ability of supervisors to evaluate subordinates are Citizen Surveys, Planning and problem Solving, CompStat, and Subordinates Rating. Approaches employed to minimize rater errors include rater trainin g, enhanced observational skills, use of a

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IELD LAW Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

IELD LAW - Es secernate ExampleAcemoglu goes on to say that it is important to obtain the right balance between politics and economics, because one inadvertently affects the other (Acemoglu 68). This is where police force comes in because laws and policies ar mainly made by politicians these are the same laws that have major effectuate on the economy and development of a country. As a result of this, it is really important that a right mix be found between politics (law) and economics this will create newborn opportunities and freedoms which can be exploited in club to improve economies and by extension the living standards of pot living in poor countries (Acemoglu 69). In his book, The End of Poverty Economic Possibilities for Our Time, Sachs provides several reasons why approximately countries fail to achieve economic growth and therefore remain poor and underdeveloped. He goes on to angle government failures as one of the reasons for failed economic growth in poor countri es, and explains this by stating that governments must shelter businesses and make it easy for people to do businesses (Sachs 59). This, he says, can be do by winning steps to assure people that it is perfectly safe and conducive to do businesses in a grumpy country (Sachs 60). My understanding of this is that law is heavily involved since policies have to be enacted and implemented in order for investors to inject their money into a particular economy. As a consequence, I can conclude that Sachs besides agrees that law plays a vital role in economic development and should therefore be interpreted seriously because it is a tool for promoting and enhancing economic development. In his book the Bottom Billion Why the Poorest Countries are Failing and what can be done about it, Collier (65) argues that governance and bad policies help to excogitate economic performance, but that there is a proportionality in the effects of getting them right or wrong. Collier is simply saying tha t bad governance and failure to enact the right economic policies can seriously dent a countrys hopes of developing. When governments cannot develop and implement policies that ensure a good environment for doing business, investors will stay away and the country will not be fitted to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI plays a crucial role in the development of a country, and it is common knowledge that all developed nations attract a lot of FDI, and also go to huge lengths to ensure that their countries are investor-friendly. In poor and underdeveloped countries, bad governance and lack of democracy leads to things dictatorships, bedlam and instability. These are some of the arch-enemies of development they greatly inhibit the ability of a country to attract investment, countenance and good diplomatic relations and therefore limit its potential for development. In Easterlys The albumin Mans Burden Why the Wests Efforts to aid the rest have done so much ill and so lit tle good (Easterly 5), Easterly identifies two groups that have authoritative roles to play when it comes to aid and the distribution of aid. He names these groups as planners and searchers, and says that planners are those who insist on a continuation of giving out aid and grants that often do not reach their intended targets, musical composition searchers advocate

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Newly Industrialized Countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Newly Industrialized Countries - Essay Example consort to the study the NICs reflexion a challenge as to make their development sustainable they need to manage the process of development efficiently. They also need to combat poverty, preserve natural resources, and promote rural development. non all decisions take by such NICs contain proved to be right in the extensive run and the other developing countries have lessons to be learnt if they are seeking to grow faster.This paper highlights that countries muckle either opt to have an import-substitution strategy or export-oriented strategy. The first generation NICs included Spain, Portugal, Greece, Yugoslavia, Brazil and Mexico, Hong Kong, atomic number 16 Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. These countries started to lose their comparative advantage as unskilled labor became scarce and wage range started to rise. This implies that trade plays an important role in helping the developing countries to take off. Stiglitz suggests that trade ease essential be balanced in agenda, process and outcome. Trade liberalization should concentrate not only in sectors that developed countries have comparative advantage, like financial services, but also in which the developing countries have special interest like agriculture and construction services. The developing countries have a disadvantage in participating in negotiations. Not having a representation in WTO serves as a disadvantage. Developing countries face greater volatility and opening to trade contributes to that volatility. Developing nations have persistent problems of high unemployment. Trade liberalization is necessary but not sufficient to reap full benefits from integration into world economy. The costs of liberalization in developing nations are higher. Thus, the developing countries seeking to grow fast should ensure that they have a comprehensive approach in liberalizing trade.

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Operation Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Operation Management - Essay ExampleThe Assemble to ensn are products are really not prevalent in this category.These products include dustbin, laundry powder, floor sweeper, vacuum cleaner, go cleaner, trash cans etc. These products are gettable on the shelves as Make to Stock products only ask out for special cases.Drapery, curtains and linen are the furnishings. An Assemble to order approach would be the best for these items where clothes are bought from the market while a tailor is employed for stitching as per the dimensions of the house.Hardwares comprise of handles, channels, rods, locks and holdbacks. These products are for sale as Make to Stock products and it doesnt make sense to go for other manufacturing strategies unless special requirements lay down to be met.Brooms, ladders, cupboards and mops are a part of this group. This is a group of items where all 3 manufacturing strategies can be used. Ladders and cupboards can be knowing through all 3 strategies while br ooms and mops are best to bargain for as Make to Stock products.Sources of lighting and fans are available in the market. However, they have to be customized accord to specific needs. So Make to Stock and Assemble to Order strategies could work here. For example, Air coolers are designed using Assemble to Order strategy many times.Modular kitchens are the norm of the day. These are designed using Make to order manufacturing. However, several accessories such as faucets, taps, crockery stand and others are available as Make to Stock products.The beau ideals can be in form of metal, stone, wood or picture frames. While most people go for readymade idols some may actually decide to build an idol on wall in stone i.e. they may go for make to order

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Traditional Preoperative Fasting And ASA Preoperative Fasting Research Proposal

Traditional Preoperative Fasting And ASA Preoperative Fasting - Re depend Proposal theoretical accountIn addition, the study also aims to identify if there is a significant difference between shorter-duration frugality and longer-duration abstemiousness in prevention of the risk for aspiration. The study would intend to benefit the patients as discomforts experienced during self-restraint such as thirst, hunger, pain, nausea, vomiting, and anxiety (Brady, Kinn & Stuart, 2003, n.p.) will be addressed in the study. Theoretical Framework No enamor theoretical frameworks were identified. Instead, illustrate the anatomy and physiology of the gastrointestinal system during fasting prior to a operative procedure. demonstrate complications such as aspiration and how does and when will it possibly occur in most instances (Soreide, Eriksson, Hirlekar, Eriksson, Henneberg, Sandin, & Raeder, 2005, 1041). lit round off how extensive, steps, evidence of nursing practice Extensive review o f literary productionss is necessary in order to obtain the conjecture and justify the findings of the study. Steps necessary are identification of the key concepts/phrases to search such as fasting in the preoperative period and ASA guidelines in preoperative period. After the right key search, prissy search strategy of related literatures will be made in electronic databases, conference proceedings, and type lists from relevant articles in the preoperative fasting. Literatures must include findings during medical practice in the 90s and year 2000 and up to determine advances made in the practice of perioperative fasting and to analyze the expiration of twain traditional and ASA preoperative fasting guidelines. Google scholar, PubMed, Medline, and Wiley Online Library contain electronic sources with an array of related journals, studies, and literatures that can... No appropriate theoretical frameworks were identified. Instead, illustrate the anatomy and physiology of the ga strointestinal system during fasting prior to a preoperative procedure. Discuss complications such as aspiration and how do and when will it possibly occur in most instances (Hirlekar, Eriksson, Henneberg, Sandin, & Raeder, 2005, 1041).Literature Review how extensive, steps, evidence of nursing practiceAn extensive review of literature is necessary in order to support the hypothesis and justify the findings of the study. Steps necessary are the identification of the key concepts/phrases to search such as fasting in the preoperative period and ASA guidelines in the preoperative period. After the right key search, proper search strategy of related literature will be made in electronic databases, conference proceedings, and destination lists from relevant articles in the preoperative fasting. Literature must include findings during medical practice in the 90s and year 2000 and up to determine advances made in the practice of perioperative fasting and to analyze the outcome of both tr aditional and ASA preoperative fasting guidelines. Google Scholar, PubMed, Medline, and Wiley Online Library contain electronic sources with an array of related journals, studies, and literature that can support the study also with evidence-based nursing practice. Sample Characteristics/ Sampling MethodA randomized controlled trial or sampling method will be used in the pursuit of the study.

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SKA-ARABIA Oil Company Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

SKA-ARABIA crude oil Company - Research Paper ExampleIn order to invest in divergent regions and work up security system measure for the company, SKA ARABIA needs to move beyond their motto of doing difficult jobs in difficult places and tailor their expertness into providing solutions for developing countries in South East Asia. Countries like Pakistan face power shortage and increasing cultured tensions as major road blocks to economic development, by changing its strategy SKA ARABIA can provide resilient services in such regions and create long lasting relationships of value and mutual benefit. Kotters 8-step attack will be an invaluable tool for achieving this change in direction. Getting support from top anxiety to the field workers is essential for any organization planning to adopt a different strategy or enter a new market, by successfully merging the established practices in the organizations culture with Kotters approach the company can bring about successful change . 2. Over great deal of the Company The company started from providing burn down to Iraq, as the suppliers for US government in 2003 and moved on to receiving guides from Iraq Government. In recent years SKA ARABIA has expanded its operations into other regions like Afghanistan and East Africa, becoming the major fuel and supply chain logistics providers there. They have established a presence in UAE and Kuwait as well. Their unlike competencies include a wide upchuck of Fuel Supply Chain Management, Camp Construction, Security work Aviation Services, Ground Logistics and Life Support. The mission of the company as stated on their website is Through our pioneering spirit, we reach to be the acknowledged leader and preferred partner in helping our clients succeed in the worlds about difficult to operate countries. In order to achieve their mission the company focus is on employee delight and involvement to generate the kind of motivation to work under such conditions and prov ide the crush service. bodily Social Responsibility is the other side of their tactical strategy, with the highest standards of health, safety, environment and ethics employed by the company. This is manageable by conforming to the latest engineering standards, safety protocols and local regulations and communicating the importance of upholding such best practices to all stake holders. These practices ar adopted on every level of operations fueling systems atomic number 18 regularly checked to identify any potential hazardous conditions that could lead to system failure security checks and coordination is given the utmost importance a standard of transparency and documentation is maintained by the fuels story department. SKA ARABIA is up to both the U.S. Military and international standards. Currently the company is the only private company awarded contract by the Iraqi Ministry of Oil to supply fuel to the six international airports of Iraq. They provide a range of transport and logistics services with regards to both fuel and personnel to companies which are operating in Iraq. The client report includes the US Government, United Nations, NGOs, international oil companies, various governments and many commercial aviation companies Providing security in such a volatile climate is one of the unique selling points of the company their employees are well

Market Analysis & Industry Analysis Tablet Market Term Paper

marketplace Analysis & Industry Analysis Tablet Market - Term Paper ExampleThe globally competitive nature of the modern business environment makes it actually relevant for companies to put in a lot of efforts into their merchandise. This is because through marketing, they are presented with opportunities that make it possible for them to differentiate the right people within the competitive market who can be strategically presented with what the company has (Kotler and Keller, 2009). market also sets the pace for companies to develop the best forms of strategic options that help in making them competitive as against their core competitors with whom they are in the same market with (Adcock, Halborg and Ross, 2001). With this said, it will be appreciated that marketing is a very broad and relatively generalized concept for any company. It is for this reason that aspects of marketing must be clearly defined in order to make the most of the concept. In this paper, two very all imp ortant(predicate) areas of marketing are focused and these are market abbreviation and industry analysis. Market and industry analysis can be said to be part of the overall research and development (R&D) component of marketing where companies get to study and understand their market and the industry within which they operate in a wagerer way through critical evaluation of market and industry variables (Kotler and Keller, 2009). In this paper, some of the areas that are wedded include product category, market segmentation, competitors, and product positioning.

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Critique 3 peer reviewed literature review nursing journals Essay - 1

pass judgment 3 peer reviewed literature review nursing journals - Essay Examplearch focuses on the exit For patients in a home setting with combat injurys, does use of tap pissing to clearse wound call for rate of infection and healing compared to use of normal saline to cleanse wounds in a calendar month period. Riting Fernandez (2004) espoused that potable tap water is a good alternative for cleaning wounds in the home environment, establish on clinical home trials. Likewise, the same look into shows that the use of saline solutions that include Povidine Iodine solutions is an impressive cleansing solution for contaminated wounds.The literature review reveals an obvious gap in experience or a conflict in what is currently known. The literature shows that there is confusion as to which is a intermit wound cleansing alternative in the home environment, in terms of the use of tap water or saline solutions.The literature review strongly supports the hypotheses or research qu estion. The literature indicates that more research will increase current nursing assessment knowledge. The three journal literatures emphasize the effectiveness of the cardinal wound cleansing alternatives. The three journals offer convincing evidences to affirm their wound cleanings findings.The literature shows different researches on the topic. The research literature shows that the additional literature is indeed to update the current nursing assessment knowledge on wound cleansing. Additional literature delves on supporting tap water and saline solutions to clean wounds. Nursing skills research also shows that the nurses must incorporate additional knowledge on other wound cleansing methods.The overall value in the literature review. The overall value of the literature in evolution the knowledge database to implement the research equates to ensuring the correct acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis. Lack to research material whitethorn wrongly create a false rejection of the hypothesis. In the same light, the lackluster gathering of literature whitethorn trigger the wrong acceptance of the right

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Intoduce two organizations from United Nations Essay

Intoduce two validations from United Nations - canvass ExampleThe United Nations ecumenical Assembly is the main organization within the UN. The General Assembly is the primary organization for deliberation. This organization contains all of the nations that be a part of the United Nations. In terms of how frequently this organization meets, its noted that regular per year sessions occur. Regarding hierarchy, the organization elects a yearly president that oversees the presiding meetings (Fasulo, p. 21). The annual meeting occurs over a two-week period. During this time all organizations are given an fortune to address the assembly. The formal proceedings of this assembly feature an opening statement by the Secretary-General. This statement is followed by a statement from the president of the assembly. After lengthy debate and presentations occur the General Assembly will oftentimes vote on important issues. In terms of the voting structure, its necessary for two-thirds of the organization to vote and agree on an issue before it is enacted. There are a great sum of money of potential issues that could be considered at the General Assembly convention. Many of the predominant issues are human rights concerns. some other prominent United Nations organization is the Security Council. This organizations primary right is the establishment and maintenance of peace and hostage among countries. While the General Assembly has the power to pass certification concerns, the Security Council is recognized as being the only organization that can pass biding regulations regard security concerns. While the General Assembly is composed of all nations that are members of the United Nations, the Security Council is restricted to sealed nations. In these regards, 15 members are on the Security Council board, with five permanent members and ten non-permanent members (Mesler, pg. 111). There are a number of elements related to this structure

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Movie review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Movie Review ExampleThe opening scene can also be said to be well executed and even prepares the viewer for what is expected in the film at a later stage. The film later on transits to the main scene that touches on the return of superior to Buenos Aires after the demise of his father (The Princess of France, 2014). Victor hopes to revive his previous work on the acting group for the radio play that was motivated by his getting a grant to produce Shakespeares plays.This manner is indeed catchy and attractive to most of the viewers since they understand the theatrics applied by director Piero. The film also presents dramatic scenes of the female characters, but later the director shifts the tier to the theme of the story that is explained by the Victor who struggles with the loss of his father by engaging in internet radio plays (The Princess of France, 2014). With this meat and stylistic approach, the audience is glued to the next story and the ultimate end of the story.The most intriguing saying about the film is the love triangle of Victor. The director explains how Victor learns that his longtime lover Paula had vanished and was also perfidious to him. He slowly gets attracted to Ana who they had already conversed through email (The Princess of France, 2014). However, a great percentage of the women in the puff seem to have a strong attachment to him. In the course of his plays, Victor gets into rehearsals and recording plays. What makes this pull up stakes noteworthy is the manner in which the camera focuses on Victor recounting lines from a play that immortalize him swearing off women (The Princess of France, 2014). One can tell the confusion that Victor is going through, especially considering that he had a nasty past with the women. It would actually be argued that women have actually become a cohere in Victor life. The most disturbing is how Victor struggles with the death of his father. It is even worse when he realizes that his causation g irlfriend had taken off.

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Changing a Partheid, But Not So Fast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Changing a Partheid, But Not So Fast - Essay utilisationBefore summarizing the setting of the prank, it is important to note something about the author of this play, and his purpose or message. The man who wrote this play is Athol Fugard. His parents were English and Afrikaner, and he was embossed in South Africa, during apartheid, having been born there in 1932. While functional as a court clerk in Johannesburg, he came to understand the evil-mindeds of apartheid, and became an activist, writing plays about apartheid (Vienna landing field take to 2). He alienated the political science, in that way, and they removed his passport and years later they returned it. His award-winning plays stagger apartheid awareness internationally, from marginalized theaters in South Africa, to famous theaters in London, and even to New Yorks Broadway (Vienna Theatre contrive 2). Fugard brings his criticism of the apartheid policies of the South African government to this play. However, throug h the character of Mr. M, Fugard also brings criticism of the policies of the African internal relative, which resisted the apartheid government (p. 2). That is a strong approach, especially for an activist who is well aware of the evils of apartheid, and has himself suffered under it. Good and evil are not as completely polarized in real life as they are in fairy tales. Mr. M represents the voice of a gray area, between the extremes. Isabel is white and filled with personal hope, raised to believe it is hers by right. Thami is black and cannot afford the luxury of hope without supporting street action for broad and immediate change (p. 3). Mr. M sees hope as a hungry beast that could potentially go off up all of South Africas students (Chastang). He does not want to exercise the initiative to clear change abruptly. He is afraid that the inevitable backlash against activism for abrupt social change will aim education further out of reach of his students. Mr. M is also an activ ist, because he is engaged in the visionary social action of education, but he is older and more old-fashioned, and so he likes the relative guard duty of moving more slowly. He does not want to escalate risk, because education is critical to the future of the students. Mr. M is not fearful of insubstantial shadows, but of very real events and trends. The history of South Africa has not been peaceful. The Dutch killed and controlled the Xhosa. The British seized control of the area and the Afrikaner (Dutch descendants) moved their location to escape the British. Both the British and the Afrikaners frustrated the Zulus. Then, war came between the British and the Afrikaners, and the British won. They later united to keep non-whites restricted (Vienna Theatre Project 4). The Afrikaner National Party came to power in 1948 and apartheid was firmly and miserably entrenched. The African National Congress was the Black answer to apartheid. It was backed by Communists (Vienna Theatre Proj ect 4). In 1976, 15,000-20,000 Soweto students marched in protest of apartheid, intending to blabber a song affirming solidarity and then go home. Unfortunately, the police over-reacted, released police dogs to attack the students and used tear gas. Students responded by throwing stones and bottles. The police started shooting students, without warning, Students reacted by setting fire to government property and the property of White businesses. The government called in massive reinforcements. Army helicopters dropped tear gas on the crowd. Entry and exit to and from

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Health and welfare Canada Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

health and welfare Canada - Case Study ExampleThis has culminated in a rattling serious problem in the Western countries, especially US and Canada, where the young population are passing vulnerable to drug and substance abuse, which is being taken as a shelter from teenage hazard and depression. This paper is pore on addressing the problem of drug abuse by the young population of Canada and has as a result is focused on the treat of identifying the particular target group that needs to be targeted for increasing the effectiveness of the loving sensibleness campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the air sick effect of substance abuse. Background The case talks about the Health advance Directorate of Health and well-being Canada, an organization which is focused on the process of increasing the level of awareness among Canadians regarding various issues that may lead to the affecting of their health. Talking in more specific terms, it can be mentioned and discussed that the Health Promotion Directorate is more concerned about the masses of Canada in regards to their consumption behavior, usage and abuse of inebriant and various other drugs, that significantly have a interdict and detri affable effect on the mental and physical health of the individuals of Canada as well as humanity as a whole. It can be said that the Health Promotion Directorate, in an attempt to increase the level of awareness regarding the ill effects of the abuse of alcohol and other drugs, which has a negative impact on human life focuses on the process of indulging in social marketing. The Health Promotion Directorate of Health and Welfare character of Canada strongly believes that through the process of going for value communication by engaging in social marketing they will be able to tackle the society problem and make the masses of Canada aware about the negative impacts of drugs and alcohol, on human health. In the recent past, the Health and Welfare character of Canada, focused on the process of going for conducting an awareness campaign which was aimed at raising awareness about the negative impacts of uncontrolled intake of alcohol and drugs, while taking into account the feedback and valuable inputs received through the process of conduction of an extensive research. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign revealed that the program received a massive success from the young target population of Canada, towards whom the campaign was targeted. Having achieved a high success rate by execution with the process of social marketing along with a proper market analysis, the Program Promotion Division of Health and Welfare Canada has concentrated on the process of initiating a new study to identify authorisation new target markets as well as identifying the various values and lifestyle of each member of individuals. Problem Statement It can be said that the Program Promotion Division of Health and Welfare Canada, is focused on the process of building and developing the level of success of the previously undertaken marketing campaign. In an attempt to develop and generate higher rate of success of the marketing

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Movie about arranged Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Movie about arranged - Assignment Exampleevident in the film when Rochels brother asks her if there were shvartzas a derogatory slang name for blacks in Yiddish at the school where she works. It becomes pass by that the father also shares the same prejudice as his son when he asks Rochel if all her students are blacks.In a Jewish marriage, the man is the head of the family and the provider. If the daughter of the house is getting married, he is the one who protects her and exercises potentiality on the suitors sent to her by the matchmaker. During the dating period, he asks the girl out on a date, which takes spot at a public venue. In the Muslim setup, the man is the head of the family and his authority is never to be challenged directly. When selected as a potential suitor he meets with the girl in her parents home and the meeting takes induct under their supervision. Therefore, the man is portrayed in both marriage settings as the figure of

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Types of Lifestyles Adopted by Families in the United States Essay Example for Free

Types of Lifestyles Adopted by Families in the United States EssayIn the United States the most common type of family structure adoptive is the Nuclear family which consists of a father, mother and kids. It is structured around the concept of a single family unit found on the concept that it is able to independently support itself. The number of children is not fixed but when the family is futile to cater to the needs of its members and to a greater extent members are involved in managing a homes pecuniary resource it becomes an all-embracing family. Yet, the extended family structure was never that prevalent in the United States at any occlusive in time.In recent years a gradual shift has been observed in the family structures and the lifestyles unspoiled in them. The structure has changed due to numerous factors such as the acceptance of single parenting by the society, more open approach to adoptions and government permission of homosexuals to marry and begin families. Also the number of kids play a crucial role in determining the family structure as there are many households which fair(a) have a couple who have no desire for having kids (AEM, 2005).A rising trend is the unmarried parent household, with one parent, either the mother or the father, taking full responsibility of the kids and not requiring the serve of the other parent.This kind of household is rising due to the increasing divorce rates and increasing opportunities for twain sexes to indulge in activities which did not fall under the responsibilities of the gender role. Such as, fathers neat more huffy to their childrens needs and problems and mothers working to bring money home to support the family.Grandparents are overly becoming more involved in the raising of the grandchildren rather than the parents. Many people regard this phenomenon in a negative light as parents shirk their responsibilities leaving the care of their own children to their parents and not providing a nu rturing milieu themselves.With recent amendments in legal rights, homosexuals have been given the right to marry in many states and also the right to adopt children. The right of homosexuals to adopt children is widely debated as being immoral and corrupting the children devising them turn into homosexuals themselves but there is no such evidence of such parents influencing their kids to choose their sexual orientation.As is evident the central focus towards the structure of a family in the United States is towards the degree of care towards the children of the household. simply in recent years we have observed a sharp decline in the turn in rates of kids and population growth is stagnating as the desire for kids is stemming in couples (Americas Families- Changing Family Structures).Personal ViewIn my opinion the nuclear family is still the most viable option for having the best household atmosphere as all the natural constituents are there to support each other in a purposeful relationship. Yet however, the second best alternative to a nuclear household would probably be an extended household structure. It is widely popular in many countries such as China, India and other Asian countries. the spring I believe that the extended family system is suitable for households is because it saves resources with parents getting time to pursue their own activities as relatives could take care of kids on short notice as well as kids having the company that they consider at all times.ReferencesAEM. (2005, December 12). A Look at the Different Types of Families in America. Retrieved December 30, 2008, from Associated meaning http//www.associatedcontent.com/article/13363/a_look_at_the_different_types_of_families.htmlAmericas Families- Changing Family Structures. (n.d.). Retrieved December 31, 2008, from Americas Families http//www.libraryindex.com/pages/1315/America-s-Families-CHANGING-FAMILY-STRUCTURE.html

The cultural-competence model Essay Example for Free

The ethnic-competency model EssayThe cultural-competence model was described by Campinha-Bacotes in the year 1998. This model becomes much and more applic equal to(p) in a culturally diverse society. As more and more people are migrating, the need for becoming cultural effective is arising (Lopes, 2001). Campinha-Bacote defined cultural-competence as a course wherein the health pity violence makes a continuous attempt to affaire efficiently with reference to the cultural outlook of his/her customers, patients, community or family, which he/she serves.This model specifically applies to nurses, so that they could gradually become culturally competent, rather than being competent culturally. According to this model, there are v elements of cultural competence, which include cultural conscious(predicate)ness, cultural skill, cultural association, cultural encounters and cultural desires (ASKED). All these elements have to be addressed independently, but a strong inter affi nityship outlasts. at a time, a health care personnel addresses or experiences unity of these elements, he/she would also have to look into the other elements.As a strong and complex interrelationship exists, the process of becoming culturally competent is very dynamic and multivariate (Campinha-Bacote, 2001). Now let us look into each of these elements of cultural competence. 1. Cultural awareness or cultural humility It is a surgery by which the healthcare personnel become responsive, approving and polite with practices, beliefs, emotions, values and the problems faced by the customer be to a different culture.Beliefs and biases that exist about an alien culture should be removed. Ethno-centralism (unawareness of other cultures) should be removed and ethno-relativism (attitude to respect other cultures) should be enabled. Cultural awareness is very master(prenominal), as it would help resign any imposition of ones beliefs, attitudes and practices on individuals belonging to other cultures. This helps to recognize and address great problems that people have during treatment (such as pain) (Campinha-Bacote, 2001). 2.Cultural fellowship The healthcare personnel should be able to identify the patients outlook. Cultural differences should be recognized. A person, who is undergoing rehabilitation for a particular disease, would be seeking more meaning to their condition. in that respect is an important relationship that people develop when they are change with a particular disease, and it is responsibility of the healthcare personnel to identify this meaning and accordingly interact with the patient. There are 4 processes when cultural knowledge is selectd.These include unconscious incompetence (unawareness that one lacks cultural knowledge of another individual), conscious incompetence (awareness that one lacks cultural knowledge of another individual), conscious competence (process of intentionally learning about another individuals culture and b ecoming culturally more responsive) and unconscious competence (unawareness of becoming culturally more accommodative). In the beginning, the healthcare personnel would not be aware of their lack of cultural knowledge of the patients culture.Slowly, the healthcare personnel would become more and more aware that they are lacking knowledge. Once this deficiency is recognized, automatically the personnel would be trying to recognise more and more knowledge. Slowly, the personnel would be gaining knowledge and would be aware of the process. In the last process, the personnel would be unaware of the knowledge he/she is gaining (Campinha-Bacote, 2001). 3. Cultural encounters Cultural encounters is a process by which interactions with individuals belonging to other cultures is held so that the process of gaining cultural knowledge is enabled.As the saying goes, practice makes perfect, in the same way, getting exposed to another individuals culture would result in gaining more and more kn owledge. When cultural encounters are enabled, verbal responses are generated and several verbal and non-verbal messages are sent across. In the beginning, the process of cultural encounters would be very difficult and negative. With time, as more and more cultural knowledge is gained, the process would become easy and more positive (Campinha-Bacote, 2001). 4.Cultural Skill It is the capability of accessing appropriate cultural information. The healthcare personnel should have the skill and the ability to know more about the patients history, clinical information, etc. Several assessment instruments are currently available which could help the personnel to acquire such knowledge. The personnel should be able to question the patients in an appropriate format so that a strong feedback is obtained. Whilst this process is going on, the personnel should be culturally responsive.They should give a lot of vastness to the emotions, values, beliefs and attitudes of the patient, however unr easonable it may seem to be (Campinha-Bacote, 2001). 5. Cultural desires This is some kind of a motivational force that instigates the healthcare personnel to become more and more cultural competent. This would enable improvements in the standards of care provided to individuals belonging to a foreign culture. The personnel should be willing to work for clients that belong from a culturally diverse background.Although, the learning curve may be very steep, it would be a very kindle challenge to meet. Besides, the satisfaction gained by becoming more and more culturally competent is impeccable (Campinha-Bacote, 2001). Once the process of cultural competence is enabled, automatically a culture habit would be enabled in the healthcare organization. The cultural habits are the junction at which the five elements of cultural competence (that is ASKED) would meet. Some of the barriers that could exist with relation to cultural competence include 1.Poor awareness of the other individual s culture (the differences that exist in the culture should be addressed, so that the healthcare personnel could become more and more culturally competent). 2. The healthcare personnel would be unaware of the needs and the expectations of the patient (this results in cancelled appointments and failure of the treatment). Hence, it is important to become culturally more responsive and change negative attitudes towards individuals belonging to other cultures. 3. Freedom of materialization of ones feelings and emotions should be permitted during cultural interactions (Lopes, 2001).References Campinha-Bacote, J. (2001), A model of practice to address cultural competence in rehabilitation nursing, Rehabilitation Nursing, 26(1), 8-11. Campinha-Bacote, J. (2003, January 31), Many Faces Addressing Diversity in Health Care, Retrieved on July 22, 2007, from Nursing founding Website http//www. nursingworld. org/ojin/topic20/tpc20_2. htm Lopes, A. S. (2001, April 12-15), Student National Medic al Association Cultural Competency Position statement, Retrieved on July 22, 2007, from Nursing arena Website http//www. snma. org/downloads/snma_cultural_competency. pdf

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Cuba and China Essay Example for Free

Cuba and mainland China Essay body politic, or the power of people, is rather grey-headed mold of rule. While the word nation originated in the Ancient Greece in 5th century BC, this realise of rule had existed even before this, found in ancient India republics before 6th century BC. However, it was the city-state of capital of Greece in the Ancient Greece that presented this word in the sense which resembles, in many features, the neo vision of majority rule. In Athens, people had the right to vote, to take the most important decisions, influencing the policy-making bunk of their state. Of course, non exclusively the community could vote women and children could non vote as well as disabled people. In fact, only superstar forth or one sixth of the citizens of Athens could vote and participate in a g everyplacenmental heart of their state. However, it was the first form of nation and it had many aspects in common with todays idea of nation. For example, all the citizens of Athens, poor or rich, powerful or powerless, had the right to vote, they were equal in this right. The democracy, in the form in which it existed in Athens and in the Ancient Greece, was not preserved until our time.Moreover, great changes took place in Europe in 18-19th centuries, in the form of revolutions. The right to vote and to participate in the policy-making life of a state directly is not the main factor characterizing democracy in the advance(a) macrocosm. Democracy in the modern sense includes such(prenominal) basic postulates as the basic let offdoms of speech, of expression, of the press, of association et cetera. The democracy in the western world is much more associated with the supposition of free market and free trade.However, these preconditions ar not exactly true for some countries, for example for China, where free market and free trade can coexist with the lack of democracy, where there are no basic freedoms (for example, the freedom of asso ciation the assembly of Falun Gong in China was violently dispersed by police and banished for practicing in China). Cuba which has made some steps toward the free market economy, opening some part of its economy for the US dollars, does allow the internationally recognized establishment of the Red Cross to its prisons, where political prisoners are kept in big numbers.The rule of Communist party as the only party in the country is observed both in Cuba and in China. And this excludes other characteristic feature of democracy pluralism, the possibility of many political parties to take part in the political life of the state. Before we proceed to explain the lack of democracy in Cuba and China, it is necessary to understand what democracy subject matter and why China and Cuba should become parliamentary.In the twentieth century, democracy has gained such popularity that most world rulers describe their rule as democratic. However, most countries were not democratic, and some e ven became totalitarian. Generally speaking, the term democracy is misused in two ways. First, democracy is expanded into a laundry list that contains almost all kinds of good things. Second, democracy is modified by adding an adjective to the term. Since Western bourgeois democracy is the prototype of modern democracy, modifications are made along two lines.Either rulers characterize their systems not as bourgeois democracies, that as peoples democracies, proletarian democracies, or socialist democracies, or they emphasize local characteristics of their system, such as Burmese type of democracy or African type of democracy. What is democracy? Etymologically, the term means rule by the people. Democracy originated in Athens more than 2,500 years ago, when Cleisthenes allowed all citizens of Attica to preside over the affairs of the city. Athenian democracy took the form of direct democracy.Citizens, which excluded women, slaves, and resident aliens, participated directly in making laws. Moreover, heedless of their properties and talents, rulers were selected not by ballot only when by lot. Not surprisingly, virtually all famous Hellenic scholars were no fans of democracy, regarding tyranny, oligarchy, and democracy as corrupt forms of government. Democracy includes two forms popular reign and someone(a)ist liberty. This story defines democracy in terms of political freedom, which involves both positive and negative aspects.Positive freedom refers to a situation in which people have the ability to participate in government negative freedom means a situation in which people are free from arbitrary interference from government. modern-day democracy adheres to the dual principles of popular sovereignty and individual liberty, but has its own distinctive features. Ideal as the principle of popular sovereignty may be, it is technically impossible to let the people in a nation-state decide everything. As a result, modern democracies are representative, not participatory (or direct).The principle of popular sovereignty in modern times hinges on two major mechanisms the separation of powers and the competitive election. While the govern choose their rulers during an election, rulers are mutually checked and balanced before and after the election. In determining the disposition of a particular political system, the competitive election is more important than the separation of powers. A component of labor is employed in any government, particularly a modern one. Despite the importance of liberalism for modern democracy, popular sovereignty precedes individual liberty.Popular sovereignty talks about the purpose of government individual liberty comprises the notion of government. The term that means people has undergone great changes in terms of class, education, gender, race, and age. Besides, individual liberty is historically and culturally specific. In the twentieth century, democracy and totalitarianism are regarded as two ends of t he political spectrum. To put it in terms of ideal types, a government respecting both popular sovereignty and individual liberty is democratic a government violating them is totalitarian.Falling somewhere in between, most systems are uncomplete democratic nor totalitarian in the strictest sense of the terms. Some may respect popular sovereignty but violate individual liberty others may violate popular sovereignty but respect individual liberty. Todays Islamic Republic of Iran and eighteenth-century Britain are cited as respective examples of these two types. Throughout gentlemans gentleman history, not many regimes have ever been totalitarian and most have been authoritarian. Compared with totalitarian regimes, authoritarian regimes are less willing and less able to damage peoples rights and interests.The United States of America when compared to China or Cuba, presents the example of democratic democracy towards which China or Cuba should strive. Because now, when we took a clos er look at the notion of democracy in the modern world, we are going to analyze the kind of democratic situation and democratic changes that took place in two of the most controversial countries in the world China and Cuba. To kitchen stove conclusions as to the qualitative aspects of Cuban politics in the post- passageway era, we will examine aspects of political culture as they relate to the formation and practices of civil society in democracy.From this angle one can interpret some key dimensions of politics in particular settings. Transition to democracy (and its consolidation) depends on a multiplicity of factors, including elite decisions, institutional arrangements, pacts between competing social actors, a constitution and organizations typical of liberal democracies, a favorable second base in world history, supportive international structures, and a measure of good luck. Political and economic factors in like manner impinge on the likelihood of democratic transitions an d survival.But political and economic factors determine neither transition to democracy nor democratic stability. The impact of the economy on democracy is not automatic, unidirectional, or necessarily predictable. agree to Mattiace and Camp (1996), democracy is the product of multiple causes working together. In contexts where the system confronts unresolved foundational issues and consensus is elusive on such matters as how the political community is defined, who has authority, what the rules of the game are political questions become an affair of the heart, lending themselves less to compromise and pragmatism.As a result, democracy tends to be endangered, particularly in places where institutional democratic norms are weak and personalism is high. This is likely to occur in Cuba after Fidel Castro (as it has before and during the socialist years). Though democracy will be established in Cuba sometime in the future, Cuban democracy will not conform to normative models of liber al democracy. Democracy in the way it is in Cuba will be characterized by features of incivility in civil society.The democracy that is most likely to emerge on the island will be far from perfect, will share striking continuities with the past, and will dash the hopes of many who dream of democracy. The cynicism about democracy also has a long genealogy in Cuban intellectual history. As far keystone as the nineteenth century cultural pessimists on the island have remarked on the frustration that has followed modern projects of independence, nationalism, republicanism, and democracy. parliamentary aspirations have a long history on the island, as long as the trajectory of their frustration. The notion is not as alien to Cuban soil as many believe (Dealy, 1996)

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Road Design Essay Example for Free

path Design EssayDue to the fast development of many countries like Japan, in that respect is a meaning(a) increase in number of manufactured vehicles and these vehicles may come from different prices that cannister be purchased by any people. But this increase had been responsible on the formation of the word handicraft which means choke vehicles in the highway. Traffic is the term used by many of us when experiencing jam packed vehicles where there is no or little movement of this mobile medium. Traffic happens in e very(prenominal) street in the world even those industrialized countries. It is often observed on crunch condemnation like cardinal oclock in the mourning or five in the afternoon because these ar the time of the day when people are mostly in the street to go to office, school or go to their houses (Ewing, 2001). It is not only the automobilists sector that can be blame because of barter jam because there are many computes to be considered why traffic j am occurs in the road. maven factor to be tae into precondition is the road. It is self explanatory because this is where vehicles go by.For this paper, we give try to look on the road factor that can be a solution on traffic jam. Moreover, the design of road will be interpreted into consideration which has the main objective of lessening traffic situations. METHODOLOGY Road design will dorsum all the necessary procedures that will lead not only to comfortable and safe driving entirely also giving a solution on traffic calming (Ewing, 2001). First to tackle in this paper is the design factor. To construct a road, the foundation or soil moldiness be planetary house enough to bide the compression stress brought by the weight of vehicles.Survey essential be conducted scratch prior to the construction of the road to ensure strength of the foundation. If the ground is not stiff enough to stand the compact force, the road maybe damaged compromising the quality of the constructe d road. If this happens, then traffic may prove because vehicles may not pass the road in a better and nicer route (TAC, 1999). The next factor that is break off of the design is the materials to be used in the construction. It is very important to consider that the materials must accord with the national standards.This is to ensure the quality and safety factor of the newly constructed road. The road must be across-the-board enough to facilitate the volume of vehicles passing a particular road. After the road has been constructed, the next part to be discussed is the road signals. These signs ease the flow of traffic because these are steps to follow for a sympathetic flow of vehicles in the road. It is very important to remind the motorists that these road signs are not useful if motorist will not obey these road signs (The Korea tape drive Institute, 2006).Put a board sign that affirm the name of the roads and streets so that drivers can follow the directions thus minimizi ng confusion among the drivers. The information that are very important in a sign boards are, the name of the street, the distance from a place to an early(a) place, directions of intersections and near other sign like no parking, no jaywalking and many others. The sign board are located in such a way that every driver whether the driver has big or small vehicles, suck up to it that it can be seen by the drivers naked eye.It can be situated on top of a post and being hanged. Signs are also present in the road itself. These sign, that are mostly painted, guides the motorists or in somehow communicate to have a fast flow of traffic and improving the safety factor. These pavement markings must comply with the set of standards to minimize confusion on drivers (The Korea Transport Institute, 2006). Stoplights must be present in any road especially on intersections. This is to signal the vehicles from a given route to stop, go or get ready.But most traffic incidences can be observed on intersections because there are four opposing routes that goes in just one passage. One solution for this problem is the construction of a flyover that will facilitate a one copulate of route. We know that there are four routes that want to pass an intersection, but in flyover, the four will be grouped into two making the four groups into two only. In this way, traffic will be minimized. And the last factor is the design of allocating different kinds of vehicles to behave in the street. There are public utility program vehicle that transport public people from place to place.When loading or unloading their passengers, there must be a specific place where the driver can do these and not anywhere in the road (The Korea Transport Institute, 2006). The design of road just not only covers the physical or engineering aspect but more importantly are the laws that will favor the good flow of traffic and safety. These laws include, not allowing motorists to park their vehicles in the stre et. This will create a narrow road for the passage of other vehicles. There must be a strict enforcement so that motorists will obey traffic rules (TAC, 1999). abstract OF DATA After constructing the road and has the characteristics presented from the previous paragraphs, the next thing to do is to analyze the traffic condition. This is to sink whether the road achieved the main objective of this study which is to lessen traffic. For the data gathering, one must observed the road in terms of number of vehicles that was able to pass by on the road. The time of observation must include crunch time which is seven in the morning and five in the afternoon. The observation must be done everyday for one month.The data gathered must be compared to standard which determine whether traffic occur. FORMAT For the format of the result and countersign, the raw data must be presented first. In this part, some statistical analysis may be included to increase the reliability of the result of the study. The result and discussion part will include the data from the start of the study until the last day. There must be also a comparison between a road that was not constructed in accordance to the characteristics higher up and a road the followed all the factors above.

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International Management Essay Example for Free

worldwide precaution EssayProblem StatementJab timberland International is contemplating international expansion into new markets specifically, Saudi Arabia and China to indemnify for a decline in revenues.Problem CausesThe Middle Eastern situation, specifically the uprising in Syria.The borders amidst Lebanon and Syria being closed causing the comp eithers main woodwind supplier TANITA to expand to former(a) timber companies.Jabwoods market shargon and sales volume had a drop of 20 %.Jabwood does not have any business in Saudi Arabia which has the Biggest commercialise in the Middle East for wood products. Jabwood does not have any business in China which the potential for wood products have change magnitude every year due to the population.The company depends on one major Supplier, which constituted 60 to 70 percent of its revenue source.Managers are under tremendous Pressure to meet sales quotas and avoid any conflict with TANITA because it generates most of Jabwoods re venue.Jabwood has no succession plan compoundd and discussion for it is considered Taboo.Finally managerial positions were but extended to family members only, which shows favoritism to those individuals and no advancement or promotion to some other employees.Possible AlternativesJabwood needs to incorporate a succession plan as well as extend managerial positions to non-family members, doing so get out reinvigorate the employees and change their views on the company. Jabwood has two difficult decisions whether to expand to a place they cognize Saudi- Arabia or to China which they have no Knowledge in.Saudi-Arabia elaborationJabwood operated in Saudi Arabia before and had established operations with one of the Jabado brothers Adnan During the time they had business in the inelegant. Saudi- Arabia generated half of Jabwood international sales. Jabwoods market share dropped once they withdrew from Saudi-Arabia. Expansion with Saudi- Arabia does have its pros and cons.ProsFirst y ear sales are 10% of the target market.Sales growth is estimated at 100 % in two historic period. at that place are no restrictions on mobility of funds.Capital can be 100% unconnected.Processed wood products are exempted from importing taxes.Government Stability is at 61 which performer it is not likely for the country to go unstable.Saudi- Arabia is in the Middle East and it also an Islamic country which Jabwood international is familiar with that market.ConsTariffs on lumber are 12%.28 gazillion population does not compare to the 13 population in China and the citizens who need homes there.0% forest areas1 million CBM to import wood.82 % of the country are urban areas meaning less places required for wood construction.$686.00 to import per container.Sawn timber is not needed.China ExpansionChina is a huge market for wood products, beseech for wood is through the roof. The Chinese wood industry has been Prospering since 2010. They have become the biggest producer and exporte r of WBP and plyboard in the world, they are the second biggest importer of wood products in the world.ProsA new regulation in strike allows the replacement of sloppy rooftops to be replaced with sawn timber, this would be a huge market for Jabwood International. Tariffs on lumber are low.Only 150 million CBM is produced locally.The 13 billion population alone makes the demand at an astound number for wood. Rural areas are at a higher percentage, meaning more room for construct houses. Cost of imports are at a less cost than in Saudi-Arabia.Sawn timber is needed.ConsFirst years sales are at 2% of the target market.Sales growth estimates are at 0% by the second year.China law does not guarantee re-transfer of bang-up, annual transfer of dividends, and transfer of capital in cases of termination. No exclusivity to sell TANITA products in China.Establishing a representative office in a foreign country in $60,000. The Chinese wood market is known to have stringent requirements with regard to wood sizes and quality. The Communist laws in China might lead to issues in business practices. Staff must know Chinese regulations and speak Chinese to have an easier time trying to cope with the strict business administrative procedures. Chinese people are afraid that houses made of wood are prone to natural disasters. terminationJabwood International should make the decision to re-establish its connections in Saudi-Arabia and began working there immediately.JustificationEven though the Market in China is more in demand since there are 13 billion people. There are much more cons to expand there than there would be in Saudi-Arabia. Also expanding in China would be very risky, since Jabwood International never did any type of business there before. Jabwood International has experience in Saudi-Arabia and they made about 50% of their sales when they did do business there, which justifies why they should heel counter there.Action StepsFayez Jabado should conduct a meeting with Imad and Mahmoud Jabado since they are familiar with the Saudi market and bring down plans to expand out there as soon as possible. Adnan Jabado should be head leader or in charge of the operations in Saudi-Arabia since he has done so before. It only takes 5 days to start a business in the country so operations can began sooner than expected. just about issues that may arise are the high costs of tariffs and corporate tax rate. The Jabado brothers should divide the tasks among each other so the expansion can go as smoothly as possible.

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Moral Responsibility Essay Example for Free

Moral Responsibility Essay? Most people have immanent intrusts such as getting higher social status making more capital travel any around the world or collecting specific objects like cars, shoes, watches, dishes or stamps. Often this desire becomes a reason why people wake up in the morning, work hard, deal with all their troubles, or patiently save money. Eventually when the person achieves their desire, he/she feels great happiness, and it remains in their lives as a pleasant memory. However, sometimes people have conflicts between their wants and their moral responsibilities. What should human beings put scratch line in their lives?Is there a method that helps human beings to stimulate a balance among different determine? My desire was to have room decorator holds. It started when I was a freshman in college. I had no experience about designer brands before I came to college because my parents have never put value on hearty things and have shown thrifty living is more meaningful than luxury living. I had had no issues with what my parents taught me, but jump in college I have struggled with my original value. My professor make fun of my clothing and accessories, which I bought at the supermarket, with obscure brand logos.She said if I valued to be a good designer I had to be aware of fashion trends and style, and I also had to use those items. Moreover, the professor advised me that I should cover myself like a professional designer instead of a naive country girl, so I should take more care of my outfit. What she said it made sense to me but it hurt my self-esteem first. afterward that I started to look at people around me and I realized I had to change from gallery to toe. I asked my parents to buy new clothes, shoes and accessories, and not at the supermarket. So we went to a section retentiveness and I saw the new world at age 19.E verything looked fabulous and beautiful, but also very expensive, especially compared to what I use d to wear and carry. That first shopping experience at the luxury department changed my entire value system. I used to buy the farm tithe and offering to perform without thinking or counting. It was my duty as a Christian and I knew how the church would spend the money that I donate. The church I attended had a partnership with a local orphanage and a nurse dental plate and I regularly went there to serve people with other church members.It was such a portentous experience which taught me the spirit of sharing and happiness from contribution to people who are in need. Since my entire values changed, I started to calculate the money I spent for donation and to fulfill myself. I tried to find a few reasons why I did not have to donate. First of all, I worked hard to brighten money second of all, I would sacrifice my short-term wants to save money for a new designer bag. Thirdly, there are many people who are wealthier than I who would give more. A few months after, I had money t o buy my first designer bag, so I went to the department store to buy my long-run goal.That bag made me feel happy and satisfied and I found myself showing off my pastime to people around me.. I thought once I had a bag that I wanted to have it would be just luxuriant, but soon after, I found a new bag that I hoped to have. This started my moral dilemma between satisfying my material greed and the spirit of sharing. I asked my parents to give me wise words about the situation that I faced. They said I should not stop donating money if I feel guilty from it, but I should stop donating money if not getting a bag made me unhappy. They also said I had to think about why I had a part-time drawing t severallying job.I said that I worked because I wanted to build my biography and to take financial responsibility for myself, so there was no problem with that. I pointed out the numerate of fulfillment was greater and longer when I carried out my moral responsibility for orphan children and seniors who were in nursing homes. Therefore I decided to put my moral duty first, but I also made special savings for myself which could afford my personal desire for bags. It seemed the problem was solved but it is not amply solved yet. As my eyes become more sophisticated, my desires grow bigger and more expensive and it depart not stop.The utilitarian philosopher, Peter Singer, emphasizes the scientific evidence on conditions of happiness, which shows that once human beings have enough to satisfy their basic needs, they cannot maximize their happiness anymore by gaining wealth. I do partly obligate with his opinion because human beings need continuous stimulation, so they work and make progress in their free-and-easy lives.The New York Times Op-Ed columnist David Brooks believes that human beings need a reward as demand in order to work harder and being productive, which means people are supposed to help each other but human beings have natural preference to put themsel ves as the highest priority, so self-satisfaction is more serious than taking moral responsibilities.Although Brooks opinion makes sense to me according to my experience, I am not 100% sure which opinion is right and I should follow. In my mind the most important matter is what makes people happier and brings no regret, while finding a balance between self-satisfaction and looking for after people who are in need with a true heart.

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Video game essay Essay Example for Free

tv set high essay EssayAre ikon games bad for you? Sure, p atomic number 18nts and adults will tell you they are bad, just how are they bad for you? Many will tell you that video games hurt your eyes and damage your nerves.They may even tell you video games make you more violent, but they brush aside non provide any evidence to put up up their opinions. Nor do they realize the real problemwhich is not video games themselvesbut the dependance that drives many an separate(prenominal) gamers to round video games to the exclusion of all else. In this essay, I will show that video game addiction is the real reason why video games are bad for you.Video game addiction leads to poor exertion in school and insufficient physical inactivity. Video game addiction passel have a negative effect on donnish achievement. For example, a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology indicates that the more a student plays video games, the worse their academic per formance is in school.A second study by Argosy Universitys Minnesota School on professional Psychology found that video game addicts argue a hoi polloi with their teachers, fight a lot with their friends, and score lower grades than others who play video games less often.As these sources suggest, video game addicts obsessive looseness comes at a cost to their academic performance and relationships with those around them, ultimately leading to poor performance in school and life. Video game addiction also leads to physical inactivity and related wellness problems.This occurs be constitute obsessive gamers sacrifice a balanced lifestyle so they can fell all their sluttish time playing video games. Instead of going out and rollerblading, playing hoops, or hanging out with friends, they sit in front of a screen for hours and hours. Consequently, they do get the exercise they need.The Center for indisposition Control recommends 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day. When these gamers do not get this exercise, they are abusing their bodies and attempting developing intent disease and other cardiovascular problems they even run the risk of becoming obese, which further increases the chances of cardiovascular problems and could result in them developing diabetes.As I have shown in this essay, video game addiction leads to poor performance in school and physical inactivity. The urge to play games can drive gamers to neglect their studies and injure relationships with those around them.Their desire to play video games can cause them to disregard healthy levels of activity, leading to health problems and even obesity. The key to keeping the negative influence of video games in check is one word control. If gamers can balance video games with the rest of their lives, video games can be a fun, entertaining diversion but when video games take over their lives, they are unexpended with a life that is not worth living.This type of addiction develops when gamers obsess over the video games they play. As result, they As this evidence indicates, video game addiction promotes physical inactivity, putting gamers at risk of obesity, heart disease and other health problems. Thus, students addicted to sacrifice homework and study to whatever game they are currently obsessing over, This results in excessive physical inactivity, which puts gamers at risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular problems, or becoming overweight. by spending all their free time playing. as gamers spend all their free time playing their games.Without the required levels of physical activity, these gamers risk developing cardiovascular problems, such(prenominal) as The Center for Disease Control and American Heart Associatoin.

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Change Management Plan and Communication Plan Essay Example for Free

Change focal point Plan and Communication Plan EssayWorkers react to change differently and often feel exist by it. Reaction to workplace transformations usually manifests itself in one of three ways. There is proactive response that sees change as an opportunity to screen smart and improved things. Reactive workers resist change and try to keep things as they were. Inactive employees take the neutral position and straddle the fence watching the push between other employees. Older workers within the company tend to resist change because they want to do things the old way. Employees may feel a loss of identity. They may feel a loss of control. Workers as well experience a loss of meaning, belonging, and even a loss of their future. Trying to make the changes seem absolute does not erase the uncertainty, rumors, or the ambiguity (Jones, 2011).Managers should strategize on the best way to enforce any changes at Riordan Manufacturing. There should be some expectation of resi stance in regard to any change. There should be time restraints and deadlines put into place. The changing process may affect deadlines until everyone is on task with the operational changes and unseasoned policies. Managers must plan ahead for any resistance at Riordan. Forming task teams that everywheresee each division affected by the changes over the next 12 months is one strategy that can prove useful. pertly goals and expectations as a result of the changes should be outlined and followed. There should be effective communication skills with beautify managers and employees (Gul Sahin, 2011).The process can run smoother if the employees at Riordan feel motivated, and teamwork encouraged. There allow for be employee evaluations over the next year to monitor the success or failure of the changes. New system changes, problems, and success go away be determined weekly in a detailed report. The reports from the task team and the floor managers will determine the feasibility o f the changes. Employees will be required to take assessments to ensure that they fully understand the new operations. New records will be maintained,updated, and signed by each employee. Training and educational courses will be provided, including computer classes.ReferencesGul, H., Sahin, K. (2011). The Information Society and Public Employees Perception of Transformational Leadership. Selcuk University Social Sciences Institute Journal(25), p237-249. doi64368178 Jones, T. (2011, January). Use protection to Enact Workplace Change. Business Journal Serving Fresno the Central San Joaquin Valley, p.11. doi10797394

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Exams Should Be Abolished Essay Example for Free

Exams Should Be Abolished EssayExams a develop that many students dread to hear, a word that many students fear of, a word that seems to have the wizard(prenominal) power to transform a happy and cheerful person into a frustrated and nervous wreck.What ar exams and should they been done away with entirely?Exams ar longer and more comprehensive versions of tests held every term. Initially created to monitor lizard and check how a student was causeing academically, they now have so much more wring on them that students are burning the midnight oil to study for an exam. This results in some students becoming ill due to pains and lack of sleep. They have become more and more stressful and, even worse, a tightfistedness to the ideal of learning.It is a well known fact that when it comes to exams, students compete, not only with themselves, but with other students. They no longer want to see an increase in their fellowship, but want to beat other populate to the top of th e class. Even parents take exams as a race to see whose children are more intelligent. tape more If There Were No ExamsStudents shouldnt be judged on their performance on one day when they office be ill. The exams might not be completely representative of the students skills as everyone can have a bad day.They are a poor method of assessment as they dont reflect the use of knowledge in a practical environment. They dont reflect how well youll be able to use your knowledge in real world occupations.Many successful individuals are bad at exams but can perform well under other methods of assessment such as essays and oral presentations which still prepare students in coping with pressure. Some people would argue that exams are not a fair assessment of tidings and arent favourable to those with poor memory skills, those who suffer under pressure, and those who get so nervous in such situations that they shut down in exams. Itsvery easy to know content but to completely last an exam because you are nervous. They arent an accurate representation of a students knowledge as some people are just better at taking exams than others. If you happen to mess up in your exams due to stress or panic then your goals can disintegrate leaving you unable to reach your full potentiality and having to settle for second best.

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Study on Saint Gobain Mirrors Essay Example for Free

Study on Saint Gobain Mirrors EssayINTRODUCTIONSaint-Gobain Glass is a leading Glass Manufacturer in India and manufactures a commit of Reflective Glass, Solar Control Glass, car park Building Glass, Interior trash, Fire resistant applesauce and Advanced Glass Solutions. Their reflective glass range includes reverberate glass with a maximum sheet size of it of 3210 x 2000mm and a thickness of 5mm. stopping point on Saint-Gobain mirrors is applied with a revolutionary new process which replaces copper, the origin of corrosion in mirror, with a highly sophisticated multiple level chemical treatment. In this process, the silvered social class is applied on the glass by a chemical method also knows as the wet film method. To rein event the fond regard of this layer, a preparatory surface treatment of the glass is done by sensitization followed by passivation. The silvered layer is then treated to give upow it with anti-corrosion properties and to im sanction adhesion of th e paints.CHARACTERISTICS OF MIRROR IN B2CCharacteristicsIt has bright lustre, and a absolutely flat surface ( in the case of flat mirrors) which gives a distortion-free image admonition.Mirror utilizations high scratch float glass as its base and it is manufactured under an automated process, thus giving superb quality mirror.Also, mirrors find different applications due to their ability to be moulded into concave and convex shapes apart from the prevalent flat surfaced mirrors.Applications1.Cosmetic mirrors of appropriate size and designs for homes. 2.Internal use of jetty surfaces, ceilings and pillars for ecumenic household usage, shops, stations and departmental stores. 3.Furniture and interior decorations.4.In a small way, mirrors of smaller dimensions atomic number 18 also utilise by fashiondesigners and tailors for dress designing.CHARACTERISTICS OF MIRROR IN B2BCharacteristicsMirror manufactured under the automated process has a silver membrane which is protected b y a copper plated layer, and finally sealed with an oven baked paint coating. The silver membrane is fully protected, this providing yen lasting performance and durability.ApplicationsUse of Flat MirrorsMirrors atomic number 18 used in washrooms of restaurants, in bars, hotels, jewellery shops, peach tree clinics, nightclubs and theatresThey ar also used in sports and leisure centres, gymnasiums and swimming pools.Use of bowl-shaped MirrorConcave mirrors are used in vehicle head unfoundeds to focus the light from the headlight. The light is not as cushy and the driver can see better at night. Concave mirrors are used to focus light for heating purposes.They are used as dentists mirrors to magnify the image of patients teeth to facilitate the examination.Used in some telescopes.Convex Mirror UsesUsed in rear-view mirrors of vehicles. These mirrors make objects appear smaller than they accreditedly are. delinquent to this compression, these mirrors to reflect a wider image c elestial orbit, or field of vision. Convex mirrors are often placed high- legal injuryd asynchronous transfer modes to allow bank customers to see if someone is behind them. This is a security measure that upholds keep ATM users safe from robbery of any cash withdrawals and helps keep ATM users identity more secure. Large hospitals, stores and office creates often use convex mirrors to allow people to see what is around a corner to help keep people from running into one another. Ceiling dome mirrors are ideal for surveillance in shops, offices and industrial environments. They allow someone to watch what is going on in a wide area and allow shopkeepers to spot thieves and vandals Portable inspection mirrors can be used for security and safety purposes.They are widely used by security firms and the military.MARKETING MIX FOR B2C MARKETA mirror is used at home in unhomogeneous ways like compact mirror for personal uses, in washstands and mostly by women for their personal styli ng. This is not a frequent demoraliseing in case of B2C market because replacement clock is long in case if it does not break.ProductThis component deals with a mirror as a harvest-time for a consumer i.e. what are the different features he/she expects. In this case, it can be 1.Design of the mirror i.e. horizontal or vertical according to the use, life-size protect or small wall mirror, frameless or framed mirror. 2.Variety of the mirror like plastic lining, silver lining, copper lining or wooden lining along the borders. 3. Quality would be that it should be very clean and clear and showing the real image without hiding any imperfections, edges must be fine. 4. Durability i.e. must be resistant to corrosion.5.Features would be like it must be unbreakable, come with a supporting stand in case of a home use if small size 6.Size, for example- small in case of travelling i.e. should be movable and also foldable, leaning mirrors and floor mirrors 7.Packaging, in case one is pur chase from a luxury ornamental stake, then packaging comes into picture because in that case they would be big-ticket(prenominal) such that it reaches safely consequence transplanting from one place to other. Brand, Services, Warranties and Returns does not matter much in B2C market for consumers if it is for very regular purposes just if it is for decorative purposes and for high end customers , it matters a lot.PriceThe price depends on the size of the mirror and whether the product is from a local i.e. not known company or it is from a branded high-end company merely for decorative purposes at home. A customer does not quote any price but only negotiates on the price offered by the retailer. If we talk just about small mirrors used at homes or bathroom mirrors, then price is not aconcern but in case of high end mirrors like lining mirrors with silver, copper and metal etc., the price is worth negotiating because they are expensive and both the ends essential the best p rice. there are some companies which also customize the mirror according to the individuals use i.e. shape, size, figure of mirror etc. For example-a frameless wall mirror go forth cost between 10000/- to 20000/-, small wall mirrors vary from 4500/- to 12000/- but if expensive linings are used it gains, large wall mirrors can go from 5000/- to 90000/-. These are the list prices of the mirrors but the consumer expects some discounts on it like 10-20% and in case if a consumer is buying an expensive mirror , say of 1000000/-, then he/ she can get it on credit harm like half down-payment and rest at the time of delivery. advancementThe promotion strategies adopted are not that aggressive in name of television commercial in the mirror market. One will hardly find any advertisements in newspaper regarding mirrors. So, advertisements are mainly done online the price, quality and features are mentioned on the websites through which order can be placed. Another kind of promotion is don e by news of mouth like if one customer is satisfied with the product which may help in building the chain of customers.The Sales force plays an important role here because a customer does know about this much when he/she enters a mirror store, the only things they look afterward are the shape and size of the mirror, after that the conversion of a prospect into a buyer is dependent majorly on the sales force because the inside information is little to the customer. Now comes Sales promotion, under which different scheme are introduced to increase the buying. For example it can be like- Buy two and get 20% off on the trey purchase or with every mirror worth a particular price get a cleaner free etc. and public relations also matters for small as well as luxury end companies as it is what brings the customer back for repetitive purchase.PlaceThe place component deals with channels, locations and transport of the mirror. As availability is the most important factor, it is done throu gh channels like online buying (open a website, browse the catalogue and orderit by online payment and in that case transportation mishandling, breakage will be managed by the company) and this buying mostly happens for expensive mirrors, nearby store which includes wholesalers/retail shops for small/large household buying dealing in furniture where inspection can be done general stores for cosmetic uses. Transportation is important, which means the time in which the delivery will be made after an order is placed.MARKETING MIX FOR B2B MARKETSProductFunctionalityAs interior decorative glass in ordinary areas of public and private buildings entrance halls, landings, etc. In bars, restaurants, hotels, jewellery shops, beauty clinics, nightclubs and theatres. For panelling on walls or doors and on furniture and shelves. As mirrors in sports and leisure centres, swimming pools. Car rear-view mirrors and side mirrors.In single-lens-reflex (SLR) cameras. alveolar consonant mirrors.Magnify ing mirrors in makeup kits and compacts.Searchlights, floodlights, and spotlights (used in theaters).QualityDurability Mirrors must be resistant to corrosion, particularly in humid conditions. Clarity Clarity is an important criterion that determines the quality of a mirror, and is indicated by the sharpness of the reflection seen in it. This in turn depends on the base glass on which the mirror is made. Distortion-Free Distortion in a mirror occurs due to inconsistencies, impurities, irregularities and heterogeneity in materials used to produce the base glass. Eco-friendly Mirrors must use metals that do not pollute the environment.PackagingMirrors sold to businesses are made operable in various dimensions of length and breadth, along with options of form (such as required degrees ofconvexity, concaveness).WarrantyMirrors come with a limited peak warranty of macrocosm free of black edge defects resulting from improper production for a limited period after delivery to the immedia te customer. The limited warranty of the mirror product are void if baffledMishandledImproperly InstalledExposed to foreign materials or solutions such as but not limited to cleansing products or painted walls.Services offeredThis includes cutting, polishing, bevelling, and sometimes installation also.PriceMirrors are priced on per square prat basis. These dimensions are as per the buyers requirements. Also, the pricing depends upon the quality of the mirror, its thickness, weight, and flexibility of beveling the edges. Price quotes are taken from the buyer depending on their requirement. Wholesale pricing with discounts and bulk purchase discounts are provided on an individual basis. Also there big scope for buyer negotiations as there are several competitors in the market. The company will incur to ensure that the prices are competitive enough to lure the client but at the same time be high enough so as to not make losses. Therefore, since they ae not operating in a monopolist ic market, price is a variable they have to be careful on.Place approachability is more prominent on the online media these days. Catalogues can be browsed and orders can be placed at the venders website. This form of buying is most common. Also, buyers can go and personally inspect mirrors at the manufacturers/wholesalers outlet.PromotionAdvertisingIt is mostly done online. The variety and quality of the sellers offering is mentioned on the websites. place of orders is through online forms.Promotional strategiesManufacturers provide e-catalogues on their websites along with the sale offers and discounts that they decide on bulk purchases. Also, catalogues are sent to prospective buyers when a seller learns of the buyers intention of procuring a bulk purchase. Servicing and warranty terms are particularly mentioned as a part of the promotional strategy of a seller, as it becomes a major decision-making criterion for the buyer.B2B OR B2C?Saint Gobain Glass, India is a subsidiary of Saint Gobain France which has been in the industry since the 1600s. This being a fairly long period of time, they have managed to carve a niche for themselves in the glass industry. Though the mirror industry is only an off-shoot of the products they basically make, i.e., glass, they rule the B2C premium segment mirror market. There are a lot of local players in the industry as well. When a middle income crowd customer goes to buy a mirror, he would not be much bothered about the brand of the mirror. His concern would rather be value for money and features like no distortions of images, good glass thickness, designs and varieties.Hence, his obvious choice would be something that would last for a long time, is sturdy but at the same time, is price effective. There are very few customers who can actually afford these mirrors and who consciously want to buy a Saint Gobain when they look for a mirror. The price factor is definitely the decider when it comes to pitching these mirrors against the locally available ones.On the other hand, entering into contracts with real estate builders, interior decorators, vehicle manufacturing companies, dental equipment manufacturing companies etc, might prove to be more profitable for them since these would be repeat buyers and also the profits would come from the selling great quantity of mirrors rather than pricing them higher, in order to achieve thesame revenue. Though the customer buying power seems to be more, the use of supreme technology for achieving unbeatable quality would ensure that the customers stick to them and build a long standing mutually beneficial relationship. Therefore, the team is of the opinion that B2B MARKET would be better for the Saint Gobain Mirrors.

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Domestic Violence Against Women In India Sociology Essay

municipal military unit Against Women In India Sociology Essay internal force out is an act of visible, awakenual or psychological shout out against a woman by someone who is intimately connected to her through marri perplex on, family relation or acquaintanceship. It has its roots in the remote set up of the society. Women give birth always been considered to be the weaker sex. Right from the later Vedic age to the 21st century, Indian women fill never experienced the freedom that men have. They have always been subjected to inequality. The stamp down status of women combined with immemorial ideologies is a major cause of national help force play. According to United commonwealth Population Fund Report, around two-third of married Indian women be victims of Domestic delirium attacks. To entertain women against Domestic rage, the Parliament passed The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 According to this act, any woman who has been subjected to do mestic military force potentiometer file a complaint to the police officer, protection officer or the magistrate in the form of Domestic Incident Report, which is similar to an FIR. yet, this act is not enough. In light of the increasing instances of domestic force out against women, the organisation withdraws to take more stringent measures to reduce the prevalence of domestic violence against women.ObjectivesThe objectives of this project argon as follows-What is the magnitude of domestic violence against women in India? What is the prevalence of strong-arm, sexual and psychological abuse against Indian women?What community and families are associated with domestic violence against women? Whether domestic violence is more prevalent in the higher(prenominal) or in the lower strata of the society.MethodologyHypothesis The prevalence of Domestic Violence against women is an indication of patriarchic ideologiesThe watch over was conducted in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, C hennai and Ahmadabad in 2012. The survey includes forty women who re stage different families cultur all in ally as closely socially i.e. they belong to different stratus of the society. The study is based mainly on quantitative data. It has assay to get empirically sound and statistically reliable data regarding the physical, sexual and psychological abuse against women. qualitative methodology has been used to interpret and analyze the data catched.Review of LiteratureBehind Closed Doors by Rinki Bhattacharya is one of the few take holds which allot with Domestic Violence against women in India. This leger contains narratives by seventeen women who have been the victims of domestic violence. These women have showed immense courage in sharing their stories. These heart- wrenching narratives bring home the accompaniment that domestic violence is still very prevalent and that no amount of privilege can protect women from abuse. A documentary film called Char Diwari was made on this book. The fact that this documentary has been telecasted only doubly and that too at midnight shows that such issues are still not brought out open in the universal.This book besides contains essays by eminent feminists and other sociologists who have tried to analyze the phenomenon of Domestic Violence. What they really sift to say is that in a country like India, where people worship the female power of Shakti in the form of goddess, why should women be subjected to domestic violence?Then there are further essays which deal with the loopholes in the domestic violence bill. The book ends with a road map to support the victims of domestic violence. This book should definitely be read by those who wish to bring about a change in d position of the women in the society. in that location is a case study on domestic violence against women in Nagpur. This Case Study has been conducted by International Clinical Epidemiologists Network (INCLEN). On the basis of the survey conducted , it was found out that nearly sixty- two percent of the women have been subjected to some form of domestic violence. roughly of these women have been the victims of psychological abuse (60.2 % as compared to 37.9 % of the women beingness subjected to physical abuse ). Ten percent of these women left-hand(a) their husbands but most of them had to return since their natal families refused to accept them. There is still a social brand attached to leaving your husband and the root cause of this is the patriarchal ideologies which are still widespread today. some other Case Study deals with domestic violence in Kerala. This has been conducted by Centre for Womens Studies and Development, Kerala. Around fifty tail fin percent of the women admit being subjected to domestic violence. In Kerala most of the women have been victimized due to issues link to dowry. Like in Nagpur, psychological abuse is very high in Kerala. (54.23% as compared to 32.4% of thee women who are subjected to ph ysical violence). In Kerala the literacy rate is almost 100 percent, yet women are victimized. What does this show? It again goes back to the patriarchal ideologies that have existed since sentence immemorial.Results and Interpretation of Data put off 1 Socio Demographic ProfileTOTAL40HIGHER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY27LOWER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY13AGE (in divisions)Woman Respondent economise323633373135EDUCATIONWoman Respondent functionally illiteratePrimary ( 1-5 )Secondary ( 6-12 )12HusbandIlliteratePrimary ( 1-5)Secondary ( 6-12 )124672304828005220022546210463EMPLOYMENTWoman RespondentUnemployedEmployedHusbandUnemployedEmployed272363417100274967This table shows that literacy rate is lower among the woman respondents as compared to their husbands. The overall employment rate is higher among the husbands. However as far as the lower strata of the society is concerned, more women are employed than men. now we postdate to the prevalence of domestic violence. First the researcher will d eal with the women of the higher strata of the society. 20 out of 27 women have admitted to being subjected to domestic violence by their husbands. Out of these 20 women, 12 have been physically abused, 5 psychologically and 3 sexually. As far as the women of the lower strata are concerned all the 13 of them have been subjected to domestic violence. Out of these women, 8 are physically abused, 3 psychologically and 2 sexually.Graph showing the prevalence of Domestic Violence.Table 2 will show the lifetime physical abuse and Table 3 will show the lifetime psychological abuse.Table 2 animation tangible Abuse -TOTAL(20)HIGHER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY(12)LOWER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY(8)Slap1183Kick835Weapon110Table 3 Lifetime Psychological Abuse-TOTAL(8)HIGHER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY(5)LOWER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY(3)Insulted532Demeaned220Unfaithful101Now the researcher would like to draw your attention to the reasons as to why these women are subjected to domestic violence. Table 4 shows some of the reasons identified by these women.Table 4 Reasons as to why women are subjected to domestic violence-TOTAL33HIGHER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY20LOWER STRATA OF THE SOCIETY13 non readiness Properly18135Not Looking after the Household541Harassment due to Dowry431 talk of the town to Other work force606It is evident from the survey that Domestic Violence is extremely prevalent especially in the lower strata of the society. There is an inverse relationship between socio economic status and domestic violence. both(prenominal) Education and Employment is also significant for physical and psychological violence. It is seen that women with lower education but weaken employment than their husbands are subjected to greater domestic violence. This is the case in the lower strata of the society. As far as the higher strata is concerned, it is generally the lesser educated and the unemployed women who are subjected to the wrath of their husbands.Legal Measures for Domestic Violence against women In IndiaIn India not much has been done to protect the rights of women. Women have been the victims of domestic violence since time immemorial, but the Domestic Violence Act was passed by the parliament as late as 2005. It was passed in the furtherance of the recommendations of the United Nations committee on the CEDAW. The undermentioned abuses are covered by this act-Physical abuseSexual abuseVerbal and emotional abuseEconomic abuseThis act provides women a right to stay in her marital house, even if she does not have ownership rights over the house. primaryally a husband cannot throw his wife out of his house. However her rights will extend only to her husbands properties and not to the properties of her in-laws.Under this act, a woman has the right to ask for help and protection. A victim of domestic abuse has the right to seek the help and services of police officers, protection homes, service providers, shelter homes and medical establishments. She also has the right to lodge a complaint under section 498 of the Indian Penal Code for matrimonial cruelty.Under this act, a woman can get the following orders issued in her favour-Protection prepareResidence OrdersMonetary ReliefCustody OrdersCompensation OrdersInterim and Ex parte OrdersIf the respondent is found to be guilty, he can be imprisoned for a term which may extend to one year or can be charged a fine which may extend to Rs 20,000 or both. He may also be asked to provide monetary relief to the victim and her children. In the latter situation, he has to pay compensation damages as well. He has to abide by the arrangements made by the tribunal regarding the custody of the victims children.Drawbacks of the Legal MeasuresThe Act is mainly criticized on the grounds that it is not backed up properly. There is no effort by the government to implement it efficaciously. Important factors such as the appointment and the prepare of the protection officers, police officers, service providers, cou nselors, and judicial officers have been ignored. The authorities lack the initiative to spread awareness. what is more there is improper budgetary allocation. Most states have still not appointed the Protection Officers. In some states, where Protection Officers have been appointed, they are not aware of their duties and the legal remedies that are available to the victims of domestic violence. Another drawback is that that the act has not been publicized properly. The helpline numbers available to the victims have not been publicized properly. As a result, sometimes domestic violence goes unreported because the victim does not know whom to turn to for help. In some cases, the violence is reported, but no case is filed in the court. There is a big dissimilitude in the number of cases that are reported and the number of cases which are actually heard in the court. These are the drawbacks of the legal measures.Remedial MeasuresA crucial question in the light of the increasing insta nces of domestic violence is that what should be done to control and reduce it. As responsible citizens should we just sit and read articles and collect information about domestic violence or should we raise our voices against it?Today Domestic Violence is being viewed as an epidemic disease which needs to be controlled. Many Law agencies, Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations, public and private bodies are working for this cause.We need more stringent laws to curb domestic violence. At present we do not have a single law in the Indian Constitution which effectively deals with the issue of Domestic Violence. Even section 498 A of the Indian Penal Code and The Domestic Violence Act, 2005 have been misused because of the restricted definition of the abuse that women are subjected to. As a result we need more stringent laws to protect the rights of women.There are several NGOs which are actively working in issues relating to women abuse. These NGOs need to spread awareness am ong women regarding the legal remedies that are available to them. They should encourage more and more women to come forward and report instances of domestic violence so that necessary action can be taken against the culprit.The Police and the Protection Officers need to be sensitized. They need to take Domestic Violence as bad as other offences. They need to be made aware of their legal duties and the remedies that are available to the victims. and care has to be taken to appoint efficient men as Police and Protection Officers. gender training should me made mandatory.Steps need to be taken to recognize Domestic Violence as a public health. Training needs to be provided so as to develop the skills of the professionals to provide the basic support to the victims of domestic violence. Documentation on the health consequences of domestic violence should me made so as to spread awareness.Lastly the patriarchal mindset of the people has to be changed. Until and unless women are give n due adore in the society, no amount of laws will be helpful. The root cause of domestic violence is patriarchal ideologies and that needs to be changed.ConclusionThe study underlines that the situation of Indian women is quite severe in foothold of the violence they experience in the marital home. Women are subject to frequent and multiple forms of violence in their lifetime. The main cause of this is the patriarchal mindset of the people. Men have always considered themselves to be the superior sex and have always tried to overpower women. Generally women do not raise their voices against men because they have been taught to believe that they are the inferior sex. In conclusion, it can be said that the hypothesis- The prevalence of Domestic Violence against women is an indication of patriarchal ideologies has been proved and a social reformation needs to be brought about soon.QuestionnaireThe women were asked the following questionsNameAgeHusbands AgeEducational QualificationEd ucational qualification of the husbandEmploymentHusbands affairAny Physical Violence?Slapped by the husband?Kicked by the husband?Used or jeopardize to use a weapon?Any Sexual Violence?Any Psychological Violence?Insulted by the husband?Demeaned by the husband?Was the husband unfaithful?Reasons for the violence as identified by the woman.Not cooking properlyNot looking after the householdHarassment due to dowryTalking to other menThe limitation of this study is that in view of the social stigma attached to domestic violence, some women have been reluctant to answer these questions and as a result have not answered them truthfully.