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The Importance of and My Understanding of Organizational...

Organizational Behavior 1 The Importance of and My Understanding of Organizational Behavior That Helped me Have a Successful Career DM686 Organizational Behavior DR. Lyle J. Hogue October 26, 2007 Organizational Behavior 2 Introduction The importance of Organizational Behavior and personal success as a manager or leader entail a great amount of effort, knowledge, skills, training and commitment by the individual leader or manager. I am in the beginning of starting a career outside of the military. In the military leadership and management is bestowed upon an individual in a very fast and some times too premature way. In the Army I became a successful leader, retiring as a Master Sergeant/E-8, through the application and some†¦show more content†¦The basic needs were usually taken care of. The social needs of the team had to be fed. In most locations I have been, usually on Thursday afternoons, organizations gave us either time to socialize or play sports with the troops, and let us off earlier than normal to have family time. Addressing and fulfilling these needs assisted me in being a successful leader at that particular point in my career. Ability to Create Vision Organizational Behavior incorporates all types of philosophies, trained and learned processes. Another aspect I believe that helped and will help me to be a successful manager is the ability to create vision. I am not just thinking about myself when it comes to creating a vision, but also the team members that I will be working with or the staff that will support me. Usually with all tasks there is an objective that we must reach to be successful. Managers have to be able to get themselves and those who work for them to see where they are going. The manager, or as in the case of me being in the Army, the leader has to provide the leadership that provides the direction, focus, and motivation to get the team members to see where he is trying to get them to is worth it. The team members have to see the vision the leader is attempting to get them to accept. Once the team members believe in the leaders’ ability to get them to the final objective, successfully, they too will begin t o have the ability to create vision, accept the direction and obtainShow MoreRelatedOrganizational Behavior And The Social Sciences1671 Words   |  7 PagesAfter 7 weeks of Organizational Behavior class, I have learned many factors that influence an individual to make a workplace more exciting and effective. This class is more than a subject for me as it helped me to experience the different views of my peers. There is no doubt that, this subject is an eye opener for me that gives value to my work ethics and understandings. Before beginning to learn the subject, there were so many unknown factors that required clarifications in my work life. An in-depthRead MoreOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper850 Words   |  4 PagesOrganizational Behavior Terminology and Concepts Paper The following essay will be described the organizational behavior terminology and concepts applied in the organization. The following topics will be presented: Organization culture as internal and external environment of control. Diversity as of individual differences based on gender, race and ethnicity, age, disabilities, and sexual orientation. As the last subject communication as the human skill that helps the organization to work well withRead MorePersonal Philosophy Of Public Administration And Public Leadership1568 Words   |  7 PagesI. Personal Philosophy of Public Administration and Public Leadership In order to effectively lead and manage in the public sector, an individual must have an understanding of the public sector, in comparison to the private sector. The public sector is very complex. Unlike the private sector, whose motive is to make a profit in order to ensure its success, the public sector does not have such criteria. Instead, the public sector relies on a variety of success criteria (Stevenson, 2013). This isRead MorePersonal Self Reflection Paper1734 Words   |  7 PagesOrganizational behavior studies human behavior in organizational settings and the influence and impact individual behavior has on the workplace. To provide a personal perspective of personality characteristics, the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) assessment was used to measure aspects of my personality and how these traits relate to working with others and life within an organization. Key observations provide specific insight into how these are applied to workplace behavior and intera ctionsRead MoreEssay about The Effects of Values on Decision Making1022 Words   |  5 Pagesexamine how personal, organizational, and cultural values affect decision making in my personal and professional life. My cultural, organizational and personal values represent my beliefs and traditions of my cultural environment. Through my research, I examined values and based them on how important they are within my personal, organizational, work, and cultural lifestyle. Based on the research, I came to the conclusion knowing the foundational elements of individual behavior can be very rewardingRead MoreCultural Values Essay example1059 Words   |  5 Pagesexamine how personal, organizational, and cultural values affect decision making in my personal and professional life. My cultural, organizational and personal values represent my beliefs and traditions of my cultural environment. Through my research, I examined values and based them on how important they are within my personal, or ganizational, work, and cultural lifestyle. Based on the research, I came to the conclusion knowing the foundational elements of individual behavior can be very rewardingRead MorePersonality Profile Reflection Paper1743 Words   |  7 PagesOrganizational behavior studies human behavior and the impact individual attitudes and actions have on performance in the workplace. To provide a personal perspective of personality characteristics, the International Personality Item Pool (IPIP) assessment was used to measure aspects of my personality and how these traits relate to working with others and life within an organization. Key observations provide specific insight into how these are applied to workplace behavior and interactions withRead MoreThe Psychological Implications Of Leading During A Catastrophic Event1453 Words   |  6 Pagesstress-induced apprehension, therefore negatively affecting control and abilities to act during an extreme crisis? How do today’s leadership theories apply in a volatile environment? Effective leadership in high-pressure situation occurs through enhanced understanding of the psychological aspects that affect our cognitive abilities during crisis mode. In a leadership position, is it advantageous to transition in applications based on unstable settings, therefore implying that the environment in a crisis isRead MoreWhen Studying Organizational Management This Semester I Found Discussion On Organizational Conflict And Its Effect On An Organization921 Words   |  4 PagesWhen studying organizational management this semester I found the discussion on organizational conflict to be the most compelling. Our analysis not only gave me understanding on how destructive team conflict is present in organizations, but also in any teamwork setting. Conflict is often a recurring problem for organizations, so it is vital for leaders to understand how to regulate it. Whether we were studying organizational change, devolvement, or lead ership what was common to all was the presenceRead MoreMotivation Plan For An Organization959 Words   |  4 Pages Motivation Plan Student’s Name University of Phoenix Organizational Leadership LDR/531 Motivation Plan Motivation is an important aspect of an organization and keeping performance at its max while ensuring employees are striving for the best. Motivation is defined as, â€Å"the process that accounts for an individual’s intensity, direction, and persistence of effort toward attaining goals,† (Organizational Leadership, 2013). Creating and initiating a motivational plan is crucial to an organizations

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Universities For Gre Score 310 - 2011 Words

Universities for GRE score 310 to 320 There is countless number of colleges available in US. In order to obtain an admission call from the Top and reputed university you will required decent GRE scores as well as average GPA. Now, let us see what is the best GRE Score? In addition, your general profile must be very good, hence if you are fortune then there is a great possibility to get scholarship as well as support ship. If you have a very good score GRE is great then your profile no matter much more. Here you can able to find out top and leading university for GRE scores 310 to 320. Hence, to obtain admit from these kinds of universities not only your GRE score is enough however overall profiles matters. For instance, if you have a 315 GRE score and your GPA is very lower such as 2.9 as well as you had much more than five backlogs than you must also apply for few other secure universities from the list of university for the GRE Score 300 to 310. Prior You Continue Go Through This In general, GRE score is a division of application, candidate can not capable to apply in various universities only depends on GRE score. For instance, a candidate is having a GRE score of 305 can obtain admit from the university in the range of 310 to 320. However, in some instance applicant those who have 312 of GRE score cannot able to acquire admit from the university in range of 305 to 310. Thus, it is very complicated that in which university you will get admission. ConsideringShow MoreRelated THE IMPACT OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN IMPROVING STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES65118 Words   |  261 PagesDurham E-Theses THE IMPACT OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN IMPROVING STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES LEE, SHIUAN,EN,CHRIS How to cite: THE IMPACT OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT PRACTICES IN IMPROVING STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES, Durham theses, Durham University. Available at LEE, SHIUAN,EN,CHRIS (2009) Durham E-Theses Online: Use policy The full-text may be used and/or reproduced, and given to third parties in any format or medium, without prior permission or charge, for personalRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesMerrill Lynch Co. technology strategist Steven Milunovich. â€Å"I see it. I understand it. But I can’t do it.† How did this Mike come by his management philosophy? It started 19 years ago, when he was ditching classes to sell homemade PCs out of his University of Texas dorm room. Dell was the scrappy underdog, ï ¬ ghting for his company’s life against the likes of IBM and Compaq Computer Corp. with a directsales model that people thought was plain nuts. Now, Michael Dell is worth $17 billion, while his 40

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Post Graduate Studies in Accounting Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Post Graduate Studies in Accounting. Answer: Post graduate appraisal Post graduate studies inaccounting have several benefits to my career as an accountant. The studies enhance skills in the field of accounting that contribute to increase productivity. Different types of postgraduate studies in accounting include tax accounting, international accounting,financial accounting and management accounting, auditing and forensic accounting (Dumay, 2014). Auditing studies focuses on theories and science of auditing that are based on understanding principles of accounting. Auditing involves studies in evaluating organizations, projects, or personal financial statements, data, operations, data and records (Smith, 2017). The audit studies enables understanding of auditing standards, audit models, use of computer based audit techniques and risks associated in preparing financial statement (Deegan, 2013). Forensic accounting studies involve application of professional tools, techniques, models and knowledge of accounting in real life case studies when presenting c ases in court of law. The studies enhance investigative skills and giving expert witness on fraud examination. The subject also gives an insight to legal system in regards to accounting. Tax accounting studies focuses on tax accounting and tax issues. The studies involve filling tax returns, calculating tax provisions, validating tax balance sheet. The studies enables understanding of tax laws and tax controls process and strategies of minimizing payable tax. International accounting studies involves studying accounting at a global look (Palepu, Healy, Peek, 2013). This enables address of practices and theories of accounting in different social, cultural, and political environments. The post graduate studies also involve studies of research methods. This enables skills in numerical and quantitative research and qualitative research methodologies (Smith, 2017). Therefore, postgraduate studies in the field of accounting are important to enhancing, updating, and equipping skills my ca reer in accounting. International experience appraisal International experience has several advantages and disadvantages in my personal development in the field of accounting. International experience has several advantages; first, an international experience gives exposure in the field of accounting in different countries (Alshahrani, Morley, 2015). One is exposed to high profile project which are not available in the home country. Secondly, international experience enables develop adaptability and flexibility skills. Working in different countries develops ones adaptability and flexibility skills that enhance the ability to work in different environments. Thirdly, international experience enhances readiness. International experience enables one to work in different ways as a result of exposure to different methods of working. Another advantage of international experience is enabling understanding of different customs, cultures, and types of businesses around the world. This enhances my ability to work in a multinational organizational . Lastly, an international experience enables network building. One is able to build a strong international contacts network. A network is important for continuous sharing and updates that enrich ones profession in the field of account (Blackmore, Gribble, Rahimi, 2017). On the other side, international experience has disadvantages I; there is difference in legal requirement in accounting practice. Different countries have different requirement for experts to practice accounting in their country. This makes it hard to practice accounting in another country. Secondly, international experience in accounting does not increase proficiency in ones home country. There are different accountings standards from one country that require one be aware of before practicing accounting in that country. Lastly, qualifications and experience in some countries are not recognized in another country. This makes it impossible to get hired to practice accounting in home country or another country despit e having international experience (Nurunnabi, 2014). Importance of Ethics Ethics in accounting are moral values and judgment of oneself as applied in accountancy (Cameron, O'Leary, 2015). Ethics are extremely important in the field of accounting because of the nature of the accounting practice. Accountants get access to sensitive information in the organizations that require high moral standards to avoid conflicts. Accountants often access clients bank account that gives them good deal of power in the organization. The importances of ethic in the field of accounting are; first, ethics enhances integrity in accounting. Integrity enables an accountant to be honest and straightforward in business and other professional relationships in an organization. Second, ethics enables an accountant to be independent and objective in their engagement. Objectivity and independence are critical for accountant to engage ethically to enhance trust in ones work. Independent ensures that an accountant work represents true and fair financial performance of the client. It also ensures an accountant avoids interests of conflicts (Gong, 2017). Independence and objectivity ensures the recommendations made by an accountant are not subject to external influence. Thirdly, ethics enables confidentiality that is required in the accounting field. Disclosing financial information is violation of trust of an accountant. Finally, ethics are important in accounting because they enhance professional competence and professional behavior. Ethics enables an accountant to stay up to date development by registering in professional accounting bodies that supervise other accountants. This improves the ability of an accountant to make sound judgments in the organization. Failure to a bid to ethical standards in accounting field lead to the following scandals; the most common scandal in accounting is fraud. Fraud is an intentional manipulation by accountants of the financial statements in order to create a faade in the organizations financial health (Shawver, Miller, 2017). This misleads the investors and other stakeholders of the organization. Secondly is misstatement in the financial statement of an organization. Misstatement is omission, understating or overstating of amount in the financial statement. If misstatement is declared by an auditor as material, it leads to organizations accountants being fired or charged. Another scandal as a result of failure to a bid by ethical standards is theft of organizations resources. Accountants use confidential information to steal from the organization. Unethical behavior can have severe effects on my career in accounting. First, I will not be trustworthy in my line of duty. I will not be able to keep confidentiality of the information at my disposal that can lead to fraud, misstatement, or theft from my client. Secondly, I will not be able to make sound judgment. I will be unable to contribute positively to clients financial success. Third, I will lose public trust of the client. The organization will lose public trust making it hard to perform well in the stock exchange (Ball, 2013). Lastly, I will be sued leading to serious legal repercussions. This will lead to termination of my career in accounting. References Alshahrani, S. T., Morley, M. J. (2015). Accounting for variations in the patterns of mobility among conventional and self-initiated expatriates. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(15), 1936-1954. Ball, R. (2013). Accounting informs investors and earnings management is rife: Two questionable beliefs. Blackmore, J., Gribble, C., Rahimi, M. (2017). International education, the formation of capital and graduate employment: Chinese accounting graduates experiences of the Australian labour market. Critical Studies in Education, 58(1), 69-88. Cameron, R. A., O'Leary, C. (2015). Improving ethical attitudes or simply teaching ethical codes? The reality of accounting ethics education. Accounting Education, 24(4), 275-290. Deegan, C. (2013). Financial accounting theory. McGraw-Hill Education Australia. Dumay, J. (2014). Reflections on interdisciplinary accounting research: the state of the art of intellectual capital. Accounting, Auditing Accountability Journal, 27(8), 1257-1264. Gong, J. J. (2017). Ethics in Accounting: A Decision-Making Approach. Nurunnabi, M. (2014). Does accounting regulation matter?: An experience of international financial reporting standards implementation in an emerging country. Research in Accounting Regulation, 26(2), 230-238. Palepu, K. G., Healy, P. M., Peek, E. (2013). Business analysis and valuation: IFRS edition. Cengage Learning. Shawver, T. J., Miller, W. F. (2017). Moral intensity revisited: Measuring the benefit of accounting ethics interventions. Journal of Business Ethics, 141(3), 587-603. Smith, M. (2017). Research methods in accounting. Sage.

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Tsugumi. N. P. Sleeping Review Essay Example

Tsugumi. N. P. Sleeping Review Paper Essay on Tsugumi. N. P. Sleeping Japanese contemplatives in fact, at least one pick (only I did not read Ryu about him not say anything). So their idea to see the essence of things, events, man. See the soul. See the heart, the destination. Of course, Amber law, we are different from them)) Well, what Russian came into our heads to go (!) Admire the cherry blossoms ?! And the Japanese have things in order cherry blossom almost folk-recognized festival The same rock garden its meaning in the fact that, looking from a single point, it is impossible to see everything. Consider a perfect allegory: if you want to understand the world, yourself, another person, an event, an act look at it from different sides. And every time you see something different. It is only by combining these images together, you can try to understand the truth) So I think that the Japanese never give ready answers in their books. Description please! Trembling in the hands, giving the feeling of closeness, the reality that is (in my opinion, God only my opinion 🙂 is not the ultimate truth!) Japanese craftsmanship. They give a description of the event (often comprehensive In accordance with Garden theory stones;)), but do not give him the interpretation it is the reader should do himself, by virtue of his inner intuition, their sensitivity and the mood in the Japanese wave We will write a custom essay sample on Tsugumi. N. P. Sleeping Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Tsugumi. N. P. Sleeping Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Tsugumi. N. P. Sleeping Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Lets take Dostoevsky (I apologize in advance for zhutro simplified perception of his works!). Crime and Punishment: PPP commits an offense. Before us are pictures of his torment, anguish, inner struggle (note, not a killer power trip! Not the joy of accomplishment plan!) And so on. In the end, he goes to prison, there is at first nothing changes, then the same overtakes him inspiration, and he realizes how badly acted. Note that Dostoevsky us to this final, led initially! We initially it was clear that the PPP did badly that his theory is wrong. The question was, Dostoevsky bring his character to it or not Now imagine that the same story will flow from the pen of a Japanese writer PPP commits a crime -. Kill the old woman. Then, of course, is a description of the state of the hero after the murder. But the Japanese would not have written such dreams could not have written these torments, these hysterical disputes with Porfiry, Sonya would not be with her sermons. It would be a comprehensive description! And, I think that the killing of the advantages would be no less than the minuses. And the epilogue would have been As I have sometimes with Japanese authors I cease to internally understand a villain or a hero good! And because there is no evaluation of the author)) and villains show people far worse, and good people not the ideals Oh, something I signed :!.))) This is what I am!)) If the meaning is not seen from the perspective of Russian, it is necessary to look from the perspective of the Japanese! Immerse yourself in the contemplation of the paintings that you Yoshimoto offers and enjoy a dip in the world of her characters (Im talking like a preacher? :)))). And there just prividitsya something like: do not judge anyone, because it is still estimated incorrectly) or a mans world darkness never know its there! Or you want to know the truth look to 55I sides, and then thought, I need it?! This is somehow)))