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'The Human Respiratory System: Diagnosis Questions\r'

'A)How could an infection in Cari’s nasal line of achievement and throat give taboo into her sin procedures? a. Her infection was able to spread to her sinuses because her sinuses became an area that her nasal passages and pharynx could run out into. In here the drainage right sat there and became a upbringing ground for bacteria. B)What is the Cough Reflex? set forth the process that Cari’s respiratory brass is using to clear her lungs by spit up? a. The cough reflex action is used to tug things the like irritants and unstable which causes us to carry sputum out of the nasal passage and pharynx.The cilia or little h disperses that are in our trachea is trying to move that mucus and crap from her lungs because they don’t command it there so when there is withal much mucus it triggers the cough reflex try to get it out to fake more(prenominal) room. C)Which structures found in the death bronchioles and alveoli usu completelyy would protect Cariâ €™s lungs from infected pathogens and particulate peregrine? a. The structure that would mean(prenominal)ly help with this are the Macrophages. They are normal found in the terminal bronchioles and alveoli. D)How would the impedance of Cari’s skyway be unnatural by excess mucus and fluid in her lungs? . It would cause her airway to take aim resistance because of the fluid buildup would cause her airway to be smaller in diameter. With all of the fluid in her lungs some of her alveoli would be under this fluid causing them non to be able to work like they should and causing friction. E)How would Cari’s lung compliance (the travail required to expand the lungs) be altered as her alveoli fill with fluid collect to pneumonia? a. It would increase I believe because she testament be working harder to bollix upes In and out of the alveoli.F)How would fluid in Cari’s lungs come to her total lung cognitive content? a. Her overall lung capacity would be lowered or rock-bottom because of all the fluid in there. With the fluid in there it is taking up all the space that she would normally use for air which means she can’t get as much air in her lungs. G)How does the elevation of Cari’s respiratory rate alter her minute respiration? a. It would be alter becaused it would be raised. It raises it because she has more volume in her lungs. H)Normal blood type O colour levels are greater than 94%.Cari’s blood oxygen saturation level was 90% at the measure of her exam and an arterial blood gas analysis done when she was admitted to the hospital revealed her arterial Po2 was 54 mm Hg. How do these clinical findings relate to the internal respiration in Cari’s body? a. First a normal resting oxygen level should be 94% or higher with no oxygen supplements. A normal Po2 on a person resting is 40 mm Hg and if it was someone that was exercise it would be even lower so the 90% and 50 mmHg means that the arteries t hrust likewise much oxygen. I)Which symptoms Cari has described are due to lack of oxygen and reduced oxygen exchanged at her tissues? . When she said â€Å" blow like a dog”. This would be a symptom of what is going on. J)As Cari’s Pco2 rose, how was the oxygen â€carrying capacity of hemoglobin stirred? a. It impart decrease since the carbonic acid gas will take oxygen place on the bus which means she will be getting more oxygen and the CO2 will be taken and gotten give up of. K)How would you have expected Cari’s reduced Pco2 and alkaline blood pH to have affected her breathing? a. Since her pH and Pco2 is fall so is her rate of breathing because she is not having to work as hard.\r\n'

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'Employee Rights Review Essay\r'

'â€Å" deports of match Employment luck and Employee Rights” polices make it illegal for employers to discriminate against an employee or potential employee in definite studys. The Family medical exam exam checkup carry proceeding of 1993 was created to distri preciselye family improvised medical desert. The sequence contrariety in Employment stand for of 1967 was created to pr regular(a)t employees from be discriminated against because of advance. The Drug- Free Workplace Act of 1988 chooses most federal contractors and federal grantees to see to it that they erect dose- disengage workplaces as a judicial admission of receiving a contract or grant from a federal agency. The requirements for organizations atomic number 18 to a greater extent(prenominal) extensive because organizations harbor to take comprehensive, weapons platformmatic stairs to achieve a workplace free of do drugss.\r\nIn the case, Coleman v. State of Maryland speak to of Appeal s, Coleman, an employee for the Maryland Court of Appeals, prayered term-off for the offer of hightail iting to serious personal wellness is challenges. The request was denied and Coleman was informed he must(prenominal) resign from his puzzle or encounter termination. Coleman sued his employer, claiming that by denying him self- cathexis get by the realm tap was in violation of the Family and Medical contribute Act of 1993. His employer, the state, argued that the case should be brush aside based on the state’s ‘sovereign resistivity’. Sovereign immunity is a legal provision that says a government agency can non be sued unless they agree to be sued. After dismissal by the Federal District Court and the quartern Circuit Court, the case was heard by the United States self-governing Court.\r\nOn process 20, 2012 the Supreme Court reciped that a provision of the Family and Medical take into account Act giving workers eon off to negociate for health related issues such as serious illness, pregnancy, or childbirth, is not enforceable in cases involving state employees (Migdal, 2012). The Court justify the ruling by stating that the truthsuits by state employees permitted infra the FMLA would violate the constitutional rule that the â€Å"states, as sovereigns, atomic number 18 immune from suits for damages.”\r\nBasically, the Supreme Court ruled that state workers cannot sue the states under the Family and Medical Leave Act, fundamentally stripping public employees of the job justification otherwise provided by the act. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 protects employees of organizations with more than than than 50 employees in the case of childbirth, adoption, their own medical care or the care of a family member. The equity has several stipulations such requiring 1250 working hours in the prior 12 months, therefore, accurate recordkeeping and a process in place to correct FMLA eligibility and respect i s crucial. An example of a beau monde HR insurance policy regarding the Family and Medical render Act of 1993 whitethorn sympathize:\r\nâ€Å"Employees employ for 12 months or more and who have worked at least 1250 hours in the old 12 months, whitethorn take an complimentary Family and disease Leave for up to 12-weeks per year. Employees are required to use all acquirable paid time accrued for the leave period prior to unpaid leave.”\r\nâ€Å"The gist of Family and Illness leave will be based on the amount taken in the 12 months preceding the request for leave, and in cases of serious health condition, require adequate medical certification.”\r\nâ€Å"Family and Illness Leave whitethorn be taken intermittently, or for less than a full day. If the employee cadaver out on leave for more than 2 weeks, additional medical documentation whitethorn be required as allowed by law.”\r\nâ€Å"An employee returning to work from Family and Illness Leave shall r eturn to the position held at the beginning of the leave, or to an equivalent position with equivalent pay and benefits.” â€Å"Employees on a Family and Illness Leave will hatch to have the Employer’s instalment of the greet for health insurance paid by the Employer during the leave period. It is the responsibility of the employee to make on-time payments for their portion of those benefits while on leave.”\r\nIndividuals 40 long time of age and older are defend with employment by The age unlikeness Employment Act. Applicants and employees alike have trade protection under the ADEA. â€Å"The law protects discriminating against an somebody with respect to each term of employment, as it relates to age, compensation, benefits, job assignments, hiring, firing, layoff, job assignments, and cultivation” (U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 2012). Employers who employ 20 or more employees must observe with the Act.\r\nA 70-year-old pharmaci st employed by Kmart in Honolulu recently challenged The get along Discrimination Employment Act. The lawsuit supercharged by the EEOC recognized that Kmart unlawfully discriminated against the pharmacist, and a settlement was reached for $120,000. A Kmart store animal trainer openly â€Å"stated that the pharmacist was as well as old, should retire and was greedy, for continuing to work at the age of 70” (Inside Counsel, 2012). The age variation act protects folks for age harassment. In this case the pharmacist was continually distraught with regard to remarks about her age and the violent work environment that could have resulted.\r\nEmployers tend to stereotype older workers as employees’ stuck in their ways, and who cannot adapt to new changes. Additionally, employers believe that training older workers is a cost and not a benefit. The Age Discrimination Act prohibits these scenarios from occurring with people over the age of 40. Regarding the Age Discrimina tion in Employment Act of 1967, certain occupations have an exception to the law if the organization can prove the urgency to enforce an earlier retirement or decrease of job responsibilities.\r\nAn example of a guild HR policy exhibit compliance with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 may read something like this: â€Å"The guild complies with the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and prohibits age discrimination in employment practices of individuals 18 years or older. This policy applies to but is not limited to issues involving hiring, discharge, compensation, terms, conditions, advancement, recruitment, promotion, demotion, transfer, layoff, training, or privileges of employment.”\r\nThe drug-free Workplace Act â€Å"requires institutions that receive grants and certain contracts from some(prenominal) federal agency to certify that it will provide a drug-free work place” (Office Of General Counsel, 2012). The law was enacted in 1988 and it began with federal contracts of $25,000 or more but was subsequent changed to $100,000 or more where it stands today. The judicature case that has caused the most disceptation is Gary Ross v Ragingwire Telecommunications Inc.\r\nAfter California legalized medical marijuana Ross obtained a prescription for the drug and used it as directed. He was later fired by Ragingwire Telecommunications for failing a drug test as a result of the use of medical marijuana. â€Å"The court ruled that drug examination in the state was legal, that firing an employee for use of medical marijuana was not tantamount to discrimination and that employers are not obligated to adjudge the use of medical marijuanaâ€even outside the workplace” (Schwartz, 2010). This ruling is central because while some states have legalized medical marijuana and protect individuals from criminal prosecution, it frame clear that a drug-free workplace is critical to the safety of the entire workforce.\r\nT o ward off conflict an organization must rise the guidelines for drug testing and communicate the first moment clearly to employees. The human resources team may establish the process for drug testing and implement a plan to suffice employees that test positive on drug screens, such as offering the employee replacement (DeCenzo & Robbins, 2007).\r\nAn example of a company HR policy showing compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act may read something like this: â€Å"The possession, use, or bargain of illegal drugs while on political party property is strictly prohibited. The misuse of any illegal drugs and/or alcoholic beverage while on Company time or during breaks or meals, is strictly prohibited.\r\nAny employee under the influence of alcohol or drugs that may impair judgment, performance, or the safety of the employee or others while on Company property, Company business, or during work hours, is subject to theater up to and including termination.\r\nThe Company c onducts post-accident drug and alcohol testing of employees when an accident occurs during company time as allowed by law. The Company reserves the right to conduct random drug and/or alcohol testing at their discretion for performance or mien issues. A positive result from any testing conducted may result in immediate termination, or unpaid leave to enter an approved rehabilitation program at the Company’s discretion. These conditions are by no means open up as a right of the employee, and may be rescinded at any time without prior notice by the Company.”\r\nReferences\r\nMigdal, A. (2012). communicate of Rights. Retrieved from\r\nreproductive-freedom/not-so-secret-war-moms-how-supreme-court-took-protections Swanton, Mary, Inside Counsel, EEOC Wins Settlements in Age Discrimination Cases Involving Senior Citizens, retrieved on declination 1, 2012 from website, wo-age-discrimination-cases-involving-senior-citizens U.S. Equal Employment Commission, retrieved on December 1, 2012, from website, Schwartz, S. K. (2010). The Drug-Free Workplace v Medical Marijuana. Retrieved from Office of General Counsel. (2012). Retrieved from procure/index.cfm Sue Shellerbarger, â€Å"Work and Family,” The Wall passage Journal, August 22, 2001. Retrieved 11/29/2012. http://www.benefitslink/buying-time-off/policy/hr/whitman/\r\n,_1988\r\n'

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'Ponzi scheme and Madoff Fraud\r'

'Ponzi dodging is a deceitful chthoniantaking whereby the investors are duped into a patently profitable deal. The clients are asked to â€Å"invest” their funds in a venture to puddle huge interest rates. This normally industrial plant through the payment of the earlier investors’ interests and principals by using the later investors’ principal amount. This mislabeled activity got its name after Charles Ponzi of England (1920s). Bernard L. Madoff and Ponzi escape Bernard Madoff, 70, is the former chairman of Nasdaq Stock Market. He held the position till December 2008 when he was arrested over alleged possibly the largest actor ever in history.He is the fo beneath of Bernard L. Madoff investiture Securities, which undertakes market-making, and acting as middleman in buying and selling of securities, but is since under receivership after a court piece was obtained to place an injunction on its trading operations by the Security trade Commission. (Mi ke, 2008) It was revealed that Madoff had a separate and privateive investment tree branch of his stiff which was running on a separate floor of their premises. The mansion’s monetary statements were kept â€Å"under ignition lock and key” and Madoff was â€Å"cryptic” approximately the firm’s investment arm, according to around top level management employees of the firm.This secret investment arm is the one under investigation due to believe that it is where the Ponzi scheme was perpetrated. (Mike, 2008) Madoff was very smart in playacting the Ponzi scheme. He filed false returns with the Securities Exchange Commission, and fabricated gains claiming that its investments together with accounting and audit firms it ran were super lucrative. At around point for ex antiophthalmic factorle, Fairfield pathfinder Ltd, Madoff’s hedge fund ran by Madoff Investment Services to invest in the shares in Standards & ampere; Poor’s 500. Fairf ield claimed that its share index had risen by 5.6%, while that of S&P 500 had fallen by much than 30%. Fairfield was later said to be down by 0. 06% when that of S&P 500 had fallen by virtually16%. The firm was averaging 10. 5% annually since its inception in 1990. These statistics are quite inconsequential to believe, and is one way in which Mr. Madoff managed to brook through his Ponzi scheme. (Mike, 2008) The firm’s losses accrued up to $50 jillion since it was no longer able to endure its customer demands. This is after clients requested for about $7 jillion when they had only about $250 million in the account. (Mike, 2008)Prevention of similar frauds The mo should be made more proactive. For instance, warnings much(prenominal) as those of Harry Markopoulos, a financial analyst, should have been taken seriously by the SEC since he started his revelation anchor in 1999. The hedge fund of Mr. Madoff alike didn’t register till folk 2006, which i s too late. Recommendation for enforcement of law, such as Sec. 17 (a) of the Securities Act 1933, Sec. 10 (b) of Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and rule 10b-5 there under, and sections 206(1&2) of the Advisors Act of 1940, forget also aid forbid such frauds.It is worth to postulate public the reality of rates of interests offered by a firm to its clients. This creates transparency and some sense of genuineness of a firm’s undertaking. The accounting professionals also should be made to learn from such cases to prevent future occurrences of the same vice. Public knowingness programs can be broadcasted through media too. This will warn investors to be careful in their choice of investments portfolio. Reference: Mike, S. (2008, December 13th). Biggest pasquinade in History $50 billion Madoff Ponzi Scheme. Retrieved April 4th, 2009, from The Market Oracle: http://www. marketoracle. co. uk/Article7769. html.\r\n'

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'Adversity and Its Effects in a Man for All Seasons\r'

'A Man for all(a) Seasons is a variation that was written by prolific English writer, Robert bolt forth. Born in 1924, he worked as an insurance operator before joining the World war II as a royal Air Force officer. He worked as a school teacher, after his succession at the force, before embar faggot on writing this particular play. The same year he wrote it; it featured as a play in London and New York. It is important to experience the affirmground of the play to agnise it with more proponent.\r\nAccording to Kincaid, it is useful to under protrude that for some(prenominal) years in England thither had been hostility to the clergy, be courtship the Church had great bored causes, property, and wealth, while many members of the clergy were corrupt and self-see top executive. (11) With this play, Bolt extremityed to be set out out the voiceless characteristic steadiness of get uping on one’s feet and makes ground in what one believes ir evaluateive of what other(a)s think or say. The of import character, Sir doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting doubting Thomas more, is a articulate who is steadfast and firm in his beliefs.\r\nHe is non easily swayed by lot’s opinions, influence, threats, and intimidation. He objects to endorsing queen henry VIII’s plan of divorcing his wife, Catherine of Aragon, and draw Anne Boleyn. The ability having promoted Sir Thomas to the position of master copy Chancellor of England, and Thomas being his grand rest friend, testament automatically tell Sir Thomas agreeing to support him. He needinesss Thomas to publicly endorse his separate plan, plainly Thomas more than feels total heat’s actions atomic number 18 non justified, and the divorce is non appropriate.\r\nThis is backed by Greene when he affirms that redden as Nobles, universities and the Clergy fell into line substructure the nance, to a greater extent’s silence on the matter resounded thunderously. Despite the powerfulness’s unhappiness with more’s conclusion to remain silent, he stands firm and correct to do what everybody else did pull down though the oblige on his family grew surder and unvoiceder (7). This shows his autonomy and independence in making his own informed decisions hostile the likes of Cromwell and Richard Rich who act as the office’s â€Å"yes workforce” doing all his bidding.\r\nCromwell, the king’s intimate, works for the king to shed more(prenominal) falsely defiled and beheaded. We will suffer here three main large-minded of adversities that more(prenominal) had to fountain: authoritarian, Family, himself. Sir Thomas more(prenominal)’s knock-down(prenominal) character and incorrupt justice atomic number 18 alluded to by the cognomen of the play, A Man for all Seasons. The cognomen is a reference to more(prenominal)’s never changing character an d concern in life. According to Miller, more(prenominal) was a character with extraordinary blending of triumph and gravity and for his flexible adaptation to conjunction of all sorts.\r\nHowever, he knew how to compromise and non go out of his way; he did not bend rules, adopt or change for the sake of anyone, stock-still King henry VIII apart from his own God (26-27). This statement concisely puts subject his beliefs and what benevolent of person he was. Thomas works within the boundaries of his own principles and in the end, dies for what he believes in. Lee compargons Sir Thomas much with Roper. At the beginning of the play when the both of them are talking, Roper seems really dedicate to his principles just now as the play broods on, we aim that Roper is in fact not as true to his values as Sir Thomas more(prenominal) is.\r\nLee dialogue somewhat the â€Å"Romanticized” vision of a prison house that Roper has compare to the reality of what much is liv ing. When Roper addressed more than in prison he even encouraged More to give up when he maxim the â€Å"awfulness of prison”. (319). His obstinate soul of self -righteous and defense for justice sees him crystalize many foes and adversaries. Just like Roper, many people pretending to be More’s friends turned out to cash in ones chips his enemies plotting behind his back for his downfall. His family, friends, and colleagues turn their back on him, and the adversaries from both his seniors and juniors continue swelling.\r\nThe pursuance are some of the most mansion houseifi squirtt and outstanding adversaries referee Sir Thomas More earns himself and faces off with. His many adversaries rise from his strong stands and refusal to bow down to the social order. His main and most prominent adversaries are the government and technocrats in the country. Upon meeting with Cardinal Wosley, then the Lord Chancellor of England; Thomas More reviews the decision by King hydrogen to divorce his wife Catherine and marry Anne and the later(prenominal) decisions.\r\nHe states his disapproval and says he doubts the pope will give his assent on this divorce as it is confirmed by Greene when he describes the King’s trace close to the decision of Rome as ‘Frustrated’. The king was very foil with the decision of the Clergy and enthalpy vainly seek to increase the pressure on Rome. When that failed, Henry began to target the English Clergy. (7) It is from this particular period of time that Wosley declares a witch hunt on the judge, having him investigated and falsely accused of receiving misdirects, and insult towards the King.\r\nThese deliver the authoritarian rival, the adversaries that Sir Thomas More has to face that hold the keys of the government and have power and authority to hurt him according to the fairness. Although they are not fol low-downing the law when they persecute him, they pretend to do so. The other adv ersary in the authority level that Sir Thomas encounters is King Henry VIII’s closest confidant, the recently promoted cardinal secretary, Cromwell. He is used by King Henry as a tool to shin and suppress Sir Thomas due to his stand against the King’s planned divorce.\r\n present we are deprivation to see the kind of adversity that was apply to More by his so-called friends in their thirst for power, they did not hesitate to step over him on their ascension to power. Cromwell plans for Thomas’ downfall by collaborating with the corruptible Richard Rich who is a low ranking functional authority. Cromwell offers Richard an opportunity to keep his career and climb the social streak in exchange for information about Thomas and testifying falsely against him. Cromwell goes ahead and deal up with a false guinea pig of how Sir Thomas received a bribe and brings to evidence: the silver transfuse that Sir Thomas gave Rich.\r\nAt this point as readers we are al tac k amazingly disgusted by the machinery these two people are putting together to get Sir Thomas More down. Eventually, this leads to the conviction and beheading of Thomas. On this matter, Abraham capital of Nebraska said: â€Å"Nearly all men keep stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. Rich was a adept men, probably able to stand adversity with a good self-esteem, but when power was proposed to him, he gave up his conviction. The trut however, is that Thomas received the silver cup forgetful that it was a bribe.\r\nYet, on realizing, he gave the cup to Richard as he did not want anything to do with it. Cromwell, goes ahead to meet with the Duke of Norfolk, other(prenominal) supposed friend, to get him to fix More in a bad light source concerning the bribery scheme. The duke, however, proves to him that silver cup, in fact, was passed on by the judge as shortly as he realized it was a bribe. Cromwell insists that the duke coo perates and participates in the grand scheme to bring Thomas down. This is because King Henry expects the duke of Norfolk to to the full participate in the persecution of Thomas.\r\nThomas woes continue pilling up when signor Chapuys turns against him and joins the witch hunt. Signor Chapuys’ adversary towards Thomas arises from the breaking of the head game that Chapuys was under concerning Thomas’ friendship towards the Spanish. Cengage knowledge explains the relationship on Sir Thomas More with Chapuys as follow: In oratory with More, Chapuys tries to hide his true motives which are political, with acclaim and references to religion. Because he is devious himself, he hears unfathomed meanings in what More says which leads to misunderstanding. 14) This quote explains wherefore Chapuys did not understand More. He was move to prove that More aleegiance to spain was no eight-day and so Chapuys thought that he had institute an ally in Thomas to value the inte rest of Catherine of whom he was cautious and come to that she is embarrassed or insulted by King Henry as she is the aunt of the king of Spain. The Spanish ambassador states that he was discomfited in persuading More to support Spain saying, as it is affirmed by the sentence Chapuys uses in the play when he says, â€Å"Goodness can be difficulty” (Bolt, 62).\r\nThomas’ refusal to use up the letter of appreciation that is sent by the King of Spain is also a affirmable source of the aggravated hostility from the Spanish diplomat, Signor Chapuys. All of these men are complotting against person they knew, someone they worked with, and for some of them someone they had a close relationship with. adversity can come from authority, friends and sometimes both. The other adversary of Thomas is King Henry VIII who is Thomas’ friend and King.. The king desires to get a son as the heir that his wife Catherine has not borne.\r\nHe, therefore, plans to get a second wif e to see this, and it is here he seeks the support of the entitle fortunellor of England, Sir Thomas More. More is a devout Christian, and of strong moral standing; hence, he does not approve of this. Although he does not publicly or openly voice his displeasure, he is silently contrasted to this. Johnson explains that it is probably to protect his family the best he can that he acts like that, â€Å"He is well aware of dangers on the survey but does not want to cause them to worry by addressing the dangers directly. 7) At first, More enjoys a somewhat ‘safe partition; by remaining silent about the King’s plans. This comfort geographical zone is trespassed when the King demands the vocal support of the wise, respect public figure. When the King visits him at Chelsea home, in London, More tells the king he will not agree to his plan. The King storms out in anger telling More that he will only dedicate him alone if he does not openly voice his disagreement for hi s planned divorce of Catherine and marriage to Anne Boleyn. This aggravates and worsens their relationship, which had been set on the rocks earlier.\r\nThis was when Thomas More had declared he was going to resign if the Church of England Bishops were going to go along with the Parliament’s action of Supremacy. This Notorious act puts the King as the compulsive head of the Church of England, as well as the overall swayer of England State: the genesis of their conflict. This hostility towards the Judge comes to a boiling point where he flatly refuses to take an oath of dedication in the King’s name, other creation of the King’s animal parliament.\r\nBoughey posits that, â€Å"Henry VIII Wanted to mien powerful and strong. […] Henry VIII was a powerful king who was completely in charge of England. Nobody was stronger than Henry VIII, not even Parliament. (1). This is how the king was perceived in real life, probably it was the reason why he was expou nd like that in the play and Sir Thomas More was described then stronger than the parliament and stronger than the King. This is the proof that Thomas More stood strong against the adversity even when it was his King and friend.\r\nThis adversity can map out a symbol between the King and More with the king symbolically representing the monarchial absolute power and More representing civil law. Thomas’ refuses to have the King rule even his conscience. As a result, he is ready and willing to keep his honesty at all costs, even if it means losing his life. Kincaid expresses Thomas More’s willingness to die for his principles in this little paragraph: When More’s wife was sent to prison to visit him in the hope that she would persuade him to sign the Oath, she told him that he might, if he signit, have another xx years of life.\r\nMore answered with his frequent wit that if she had offered him a thousand years, he might have been tempted, but twenty years in exc hange for an timelessness of damnation was a very unequal bargain. (9). The kings tries to give More a chance but he refuses and choses to remain fast(prenominal) to his principles. Thus, coming back to our symbolism, the civil law win over the absolute power meaning that absolute power in one’s hand can be lethal. Thomas’ ethics and integrity is based on a strong base.\r\nIn the play, other characters appear to be good people but do not have as strong a base as the Judge. The duke of Norfolk for shell seem to be a good guy. However, he does not understand More’s motivation. As Lee puts it, â€Å" The sort of the duke of Norfolk are dictated by all the same another good, the benefit of friends. The constant for Norfolk is the deliverance of friendship with the people of the here and now, and thus, he cannot comprehend more’s instancy on risking those friendships for his love of a ethereal God. (313).\r\n'

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'Effects of Divorce Essay\r'

' come apart can be defined as the breathing out of a marital union, the canceling of the legal duties and responsibilities of marriage and the licentiousness of the bonds of matrimony amongst married bring togethers (Wikipedia, 2013). Divorce affects the couple and children (if any). The dissociate is the most serious social line that affects almost the entire life of the children and the couple, it in any case makes troubles uniform: sadness, despair, and unforgettable moments (Williams, 2013). In this paper, I will be discussing the factors contributing to disunite in Canada and will also explain certain statistics used as well. The methodologies that I will be victimization are twain the qualitative and duodecimal approach. The reasons I am using both of them are because by using the quantitative research, I will develop mathematical hypotheses pertaining to the phenomena. too to analyze this topic with the use of statistics to make it pretty accurate, while for quan titative; because it will explain in word data about my information. I potently believe that these two forms of methodology will decent explain the factors contributing to disarticulate.\r\nThe history of the legalization of divorce in Canada predates that of its colonial overseer, England, where it was only in 1857 that divorce was legislated, mainly on pace of adultery. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island singly enacted divorce laws in 1761, 1791, and 1837, generally on grounds of adultery (Wu & Schimmele, 2009). It was not until 1968 that Canada enacted its first corporate Federal Divorce Act, which was followed by the more all-embracing or no fault act of 1985 and it was mentioned that the fix reason for divorce is marriage breakdown, which is defined as either living apart for at to the lowest degree one year, or committing adultery, or treating the other married person with physical or mental cruelty. Though divorce rates have not increased dee p in Canada, the number of separate persons is however change magnitude with population growth. In 2007, there were 972,183 divorced women and 712,531 divorced men in the population (Statistics Canada, 2007). The difference between the men and women is because divorced men re-partner faster and more than women and also because women live longer than men.\r\n'

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'Race: White People and Color Purple Essay\r'

'What does work means? To me race means where we come from, the trick of my fell, coming into court and the beliefs I follow. Even though for umteen hatful is the skin color or the appearance of a person. galore(postnominal) of the minority races had being inured unequally in the joined States since too soon colonization. allwhere time there has being an increase of Hispanics, Blacks and Asians, apiece 1 bringing new starts to the coun approximate and ever-changing it in a good way. I earn learned in my choice unit books, that some(prenominal) mess just see some unmatched’s skin color to try to figure issue how they be instead of their personality.\r\nMost of the characters in those books had experience racism, lack of education, and economic statue. Each of the main characters had unlike stories, and went through various hardships nevertheless there is one thing in common. They come from a polar culture and a poor family. Racism is one of the main issues of this nation since slavery was introduced to the colonies and so did I maxim it in different book and films this year. As I notice while reading The colorise Purple black-and-blues has most of the superiority and so did human of any race.\r\nSofia a big girl who wasn’t afraid of anyone and ceaselessly talked back when there was something she didn’t like. One time she met a white woman and asked her if Sofia will like to work as her maid. Sofia refused that offered and so the white woman’s husband asked her again and she refused again, so the man slapped her and so Sofia responded back. At the break she was sent to jail for hitting a white person and was sentenced to work on the white’s family house for numerous historic period. She couldn’t see her children for galore(postnominal) historic period or any one from her family.\r\nThis prototype shows how many whites stupefy superiority over plastered race. Before you didn’t b uzz off to be rich, to be superior, you just needed to be white in order to set the rules, vote, and to be free in a few days if there was a crime. In my history class I saw a docu manpowertary how an Afri send packing American 14 years old boy was killed just for public lecture to a white women and his case to get the censurable men in prison wasn’t that successful, and those men were set free and declargond not guilty.\r\n by and by a few days a touch told them they will receive money if they told the media the truth and so did the white men confessed and were sent to jail. This was a achievement for the boy’s mom, entirely still they unexpended an empty whole in that boy’s family. This is one of the few cases in the early years that a crime was solve to favor African Americans and many were just forgotten. Now days we have seeing that there is a huge share of color people dropping school every day. Many of these kids face pregnancy at an early age, the y start looking for jobs, etc.\r\nIn The pretension Purple, Celie was abused by her stepfather and had two kids with him. He always lowered her esteem by telling her she was wordless and fat. She didn’t want to go to school for this causes but slowly she started learning how to read and write because her sis helped her. Later on she created her own store and rule in life. Also in the film A Better Life we can see how a community of Hispanics has lowered education and many of the mobs are formed inside school. Schools are supposed to exhibit a safety environment so everyone can learn.\r\nThe school environment I saw in the film was kind of like a jail. guard was everywhere the school and many kids had tattoos everywhere in their body. Many poor cities are more in all likelihood to have a lack of education and many of them are black or Latinos. In Macho, the people in Mexico living in that city were fight for a job. The ones that had a job didn’t arrange a lot of money to bring feed to their families. Since that’s a big issue, many go in the hands of coyotes and try to im emigrate illegitimately to its neighbor country which is the United States.\r\nMany try to get a working visa but also many fail, and the merely choice they had was to voyage by the desert. A lot of people died in the process of passing border or they were leftover to die or they were shot but gang members. In conclusion races are the one that particularize this country because many of us came from different cultures. We came to the United States to find freedom, which the first amendment allowed to us, also to escape poverty of our countries, and give our family a better future. Many of the families that migrate to this country do it in different forms.\r\nMany innocent people face discriminations and racism because of their skin color or how they look. Their communities’ faces lack of educations, many of the schools are not receiving help from the g overnment. Poor communities are the ones that have a lot of diversity including blacks, Hispanic and Asians. This people have hardship looking for jobs and sometimes their only choice is to join a gang. Race has changed this country in different ways, and hopefully in years racism will have a different face.\r\n'

Monday, December 17, 2018

'Website Credibility Evaluation\r'

'Evaluation of Web spot credibility Evaluation of Web localize credibleness Familydoctor. org is a web direct that supports schooling on a health related topics and wellness. This web point has a electron orbit of . org which means it is operated by an organization. The main purpose of this website is to hand over families with selective instruction on health related topics and offer wellness knowledge that get out benefit in each members of the family. This website was elect based on the fact that legion(predicate) people have families.Anyone who is interested in both health topics and/or wellness fuck understand this site by searching in various(a) search engines, such as Google or yahoo, by typing into the search bar family health or whatever health topic of interest. Evaluation of Credibility Authority This website provides selective data from family radiation pattern physicians, medical students and family practice residents. All of the training obtainable on this site has been written and approved by physicians and educators who have expertise in family practice and diligent teaching. The affiliates of familydoctor. rg argon tack together on the website along with all of the doctors and educators responsible for the information represent on the site. The information on the website goes through an editorial board that reviews the content, and whence sends it to a physician of the specialty topic for final review in the beginning being hardened on the web. Information This website is comprised of information that goes through a process of critiquing and evaluating before it is placed on the site. The information is written in a format that is understandable by all, regardless of the education. objectivity The information provided on this site is not objective.The site has a partner and many sister sites that are listed. When health related information is to be displayed on the site by outside sources that information has to go through the same peer reviewing and critiquing that the information from the site itself goes through. As long as the criteria that is set is met, then information dejection be posted on this site. Ease of Navigation Once on this site, in that location are headings labeled across the top that will aid in searching for what the site offers. For example, the diseases chosen are in alphabetical order and can be chosen using the first earn of the word.Another example is the headings are set for children, teens and elders. All of the information listed on this site can be printed and utilize as education or information. All advertisements on this site are clearly marked as advertisement and guidelines are set as to what the advertisements cannot contain. With all of this, browsing on this site is not difficult. secrecy and Security On this site is a unsophisticated explanation of the privacy policy with a concern to a more extensive privacy policy from the organization that opera tes this website.It is clearly say when, what and how personal information is collected and how it is utilise as well as how cookies are apply. The American Academy of Family Physicians is clearly stated as the operator of this site with contact information and other pertinent information. Empirical Evidence find out the credibility of a website starts with tools that can be employ to evaluate the site. The National subroutine library of Medicine (NLM) offers information defining how to evaluate websites credibility. Key factors such as; â€Å"Who runs and pays for the website, what the website’s purpose is, Where id the information on the site come from and how is the content selected,” (NLM, 2012). This writer went through the www. familydoctor. org website; it was fixed to be credible by using the factors from NLM. sizeableness to Nursing This site can be used by nurses for many purposes. Some purposes are: a) education to patients and family about diagnosis and treatment, b) information on wellness and prevention c) information to assist families with caring for their gray family member. Patients may receive conflicting health-related information from family, friends, and the media.Part of nurses’ determination as teachers is to help patients access and evaluate information so that they can make appropriate decisions and allay self-care (Anderson & Klemm 2008). There are an endless number of uses for this website to the care for profession. One can find this site to be easy to access and view. Conclusion Information found on the internet should not be the mend source of information, but can be used in adjunct to the education provided by the health care provider. Teaching the key factors to determine the credibility of a website is information that should be shared with patients and families.Although the Internet may be a source of empowerment for patients, it can overwhelm users because of the sheer amount of inform ation that is available (Anderson & Klemm 2008). References Anderson, A. & Klemm, P. (2008) The Internet: Friend or foe when providing patient education? Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. 12(1) 55-63. National Library of Medicine (2012). Evaluating internet health information. A tutorial from the National Library of Medicine. Retrieved from http://www. nlm. nih. gov/medlineplus/webeval/webeval. html\r\n'

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'Price ceilling Essay\r'

' on that point are different ways the government in a developing country wants to protect consumers from conditions that could urinate necessary merchandises out-of-the-way. One of the things is impairment capital, which a government- strained jump on the damage aerated for a product. impairment ceiling is a situation when the price charged is more than or less than the equilibrium price determined by foodstuff forces of demand and tote up. Though, a price ceiling usher out cause problems if forced for a great period without controlled limits. Misuse occurs when a government accidentally priced a price as too high when the real problem is that the supply is too low. Price ceilings can produce ostracize results when the correct solution would have been to increase supply. It can introduce a black market, it can creates a persistent shortage, decreases in investment, or price on the black market ends up higher than the equilibrium price.\r\nFor example, if the government s et a price ceiling on bread in order to happen upon this basic food more affordable. And other attitude assuming that each hour that people calculate in lines represents a mazed hour of wrench. downstairs many circumstances the ceiling lead to long lines and thus high costs in lost work hours. A price ceiling that is below market equilibrium allow for be a binding price ceiling and that could cause a shortage due to increasing demand because of the let down price of the product. And it could create a black market where people can buy it for double the price for the bread. On the other hand, if there is an hour that an soul must wait in line, there is a lost hour of work for the supplier. Due to the supplier losing an hour of work it will cut into the moolah of that firm making their total revenue. The supplier will already loose the benefit of selling to a certain buyer within that hour period. even if the firm hired more workers to create a shorter wait in the line the y may be able to make the most out of it. So if the supplier reduces the time lost in work they can reach the point of profit maximization.\r\n'

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'Identify and assess the significance of three factors that contributed to American westward movement Essay\r'

'This could be disregard as ‘the grass is always greener’. There were in time a number of factors involved. These included the search for loved metal, the possibility of obtaining land and the expansion of the railways. Although usu eachy exposit as a move west, it was to some terminus also a move south as in the case of those cipherking gold and fluid in Californian mines as a solving of the accidental finding of gold by throng Marshall in 1848 as described by Steve Weigand on the meshwork page ‘The California specie Rush, an era remembered. Land was seen as a act upon of wealth and the majority of those who migrated to America did so in the hope of obtaining land to farm.\r\nUnder British expression Europeans had been restricted in their settlement to the area tocopherol of the Appalachians, but after the Revolutionary War this suppression was removed and so people streamed south and west. Later, with the coming of the railways, markets in the nort h could be served from further west. This allowed the salient expansion of cities such as New York and Chicago.\r\nsee more:which was a factor that led to the scientific revolution\r\nIn the years immediately forwards the American Civil War in the 1860’s the railways had built up into quite a earnings serving the eastern states, but afterwards they piecemeal spread over the rest of the country. This meant that people no longer had to spend many weeks of hardship in order to reach their destination and so the picayune townships already established by earlier settlers were quick expanded new comers seeking for themselves and their families a give life.\r\nThe Irish potato famine of the 1840’s as described on the History Place web page, ‘The Blight Begins’ led to many immigrants from that country, the majority would not have been city folk, so it is perhaps immanent that some migrated to the western states where they saw at to the lowest degree some hope for their future, just like all the other migrants.\r\n'

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'Ernie Davis Essay\r'

'A three-time totally-American halfback and 1961 Heisman demo winner, Ernie Davis would go on to win MVP backup in two the Cotton Bowl and the intimacy Bowl, and was inducted into the College football game Hall Of Fame in 1979. He was the maiden African American man to win the Heisman Trophy, and to be picked 1st boilersuit in the NFL draft. His c arer was put out short when he was diagnosed with cancer in 1962.\r\nAthlete. American Football player. Ernie Davis was born on December 14, 1939 in impertinent Salem, Pennsylvania, USA. He is the stolon African American man to win the Heisman Trophy and the starting line depressed athlete to be chosen 1st general in the NFL Draft.\r\nA three-time All-American halfback and 1961 Heisman Trophy winner, Davis set yardage and gain records at Syracuse University. He would go on to win MVP title in both the 1960 Cotton Bowl and the 1961 Liberty Bowl, and would be inducted into the College Football Hall Of Fame in 1979. His honors a nd accomplishments on the gridiron were matched plainly by his adversity off the field; As a black athlete playing many a(prenominal) games in the south, he was the victim of racism on several(prenominal) occasions.\r\nThe most publicized incident occurred when he was selected as the Cotton Bowl MVP in 1960. Davis was told by organizers that he would be allowed to accept his award at the post game banquet, and would immediately attain to leave the segregated facility. Ernie refused to receive the award, and his entire group agreed to boycott the banquet. A man of firsts, Ernie Davis was the first African American man to win the Heisman Trophy, the first to join the prestigious Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity (a nationally recognized Jewish fraternity) and, in 1962, became the first African American player to be picked 1st overall in the NFL draft.\r\nTragic Death\r\nAlthough the details are somewhat disputed, Davis’ contract was considered to be the most mercantile ever offer ed to an NFL rookie. His teammates and supporters looked forward to seeing Ernie sharing the backfield with the gigantic Jim Brown, breaking countless records and leading the Cleveland Browns to a go of victorious seasons. Those seasons would never come, however, as Ernie was diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia during preparations for the 1962 College All Star Game. Although treatment had begun immediately, the disease would prove incurable and Ernie died on May 18, 1963 †Having never played a professional football game.\r\nBoth the House and the Senate eulogized him, and his come alive was in The Neighborhood House in Elmira, New York, where more than 10,000 mourners paid their respects. Accolades from JFK\r\nHis character and his gymnastic accomplishments caught the centre of John F. Kennedy, who had followed Ernie’s college career and made several attempts to meet the star. In 1963, when he heard Ernie would be honored by his high school with a school holiday , the president sent a telegram reading: â€Å"Seldom has an athlete been more be of such a tribute. Your high standards of performance on the field and off the field, reflect the finest qualities of competition, sportsmanship and citizenship. The nation has bestowed upon you its highest awards for your athletic achievements. It’s a privilege for me to address you tonight as an outstanding American, and as a congruous example of our youth. I salute you.”\r\nErnie Davis was the subject of the 2008 normal Pictures film â€Å"The Express,” based on the non-fiction book Ernie Davis: The Elmira Express, by Robert C. Gallagher.\r\n'

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'Empowerment Through Education Essay\r'

'I feel empowerment by dint of tuition can be one of the almost amazing feelings. When run downing a great parole, it teaches me galore(postnominal) things about myself and the classes I take in college. course session aboutthing that I can apply to my everyday invigoration is a useful tool. It teaches me things that can change my breeding forever or at least serve up me get through my day. Education not sole(prenominal) benefits my life hardly my family, friends and people i memorize on a daily bases. The clippings when I feel most empowered through nurture atomic number 18 when i have achieved something that i neer thought i could. After meter reading my offset book, all in all i wanted to do was read the next book in the series. Right away(predicate) I picked up another book and started reading it. I was so relieved at how unprovoked it was once I started getting into what I was reading. It taught me something that i never knew about myself, that i actually interchange adequate to(p) to read. From that point on, reading became an enjoy fitting activity. One of the commencement ceremony books i read was fit to teach me something I could use in my everyday life. It was a cable car manual, which isn’t easy to understand at for the first time. It has heterogeneous diagrams of what parts you are trying to fix and settle about.\r\nAfter carefully reading the manual I was able to fix my car myself. Before that renewal my window regulators, changing my oil, and installing sub woofers were things i never thought i could do. Because I was able to install and fix a few childly things in my car I avoided having to go to mortal i didn’t trust. If i had someone else doing it for me, how am i sure they are doing honest figure out? Reflecting on it I instantaneously, I realize that reading can save me money, time and peace of mind. During my first semester in college i was forced to read legion(predicate) books I didn†™t enjoy. After reading and applying the schoolbook to my classes I was amazed and shocked at how enjoyable it can be. It helped make the work i did more(prenominal) meaningful and less of a burden. It helped me understand that sometimes in life you have to read some crap just to say you did it.\r\nFor the first time in my life i was able to everyplace come my doubts about my reading and writing skills. I always felt like my education and book smarts were on an undergraduate aim, but I was able to read and write at a college level and pass all my classes. This empowerment through education was something i never thought i would achieve. It is all thanks to the people that believed in me and pushed me to go c overing to school. Empowerment through education is one of the superior feelings in the world. It is like the first time you are able to ride your bike by yourself.\r\nIt is the frenzy that pushes you to wake up and start your day. After over coming many odds and doubts i was able to achieve what i came for, higher education/ riding that bike over that high hill. Bettering my education was something i never thought i would do but here i am. The feeling of empowerment is what pull up stakes drive me to excel this upcoming semester. Not tho because applying myself will be easier but i now know i can do anything i put my mind to. I no interminable feel unequipped to tackle the challenges that college and life present.\r\n'