Tuesday, December 18, 2018

'Race: White People and Color Purple Essay\r'

'What does work means? To me race means where we come from, the trick of my fell, coming into court and the beliefs I follow. Even though for umteen hatful is the skin color or the appearance of a person. galore(postnominal) of the minority races had being inured unequally in the joined States since too soon colonization. allwhere time there has being an increase of Hispanics, Blacks and Asians, apiece 1 bringing new starts to the coun approximate and ever-changing it in a good way. I earn learned in my choice unit books, that some(prenominal) mess just see some unmatched’s skin color to try to figure issue how they be instead of their personality.\r\nMost of the characters in those books had experience racism, lack of education, and economic statue. Each of the main characters had unlike stories, and went through various hardships nevertheless there is one thing in common. They come from a polar culture and a poor family. Racism is one of the main issues of this nation since slavery was introduced to the colonies and so did I maxim it in different book and films this year. As I notice while reading The colorise Purple black-and-blues has most of the superiority and so did human of any race.\r\nSofia a big girl who wasn’t afraid of anyone and ceaselessly talked back when there was something she didn’t like. One time she met a white woman and asked her if Sofia will like to work as her maid. Sofia refused that offered and so the white woman’s husband asked her again and she refused again, so the man slapped her and so Sofia responded back. At the break she was sent to jail for hitting a white person and was sentenced to work on the white’s family house for numerous historic period. She couldn’t see her children for galore(postnominal) historic period or any one from her family.\r\nThis prototype shows how many whites stupefy superiority over plastered race. Before you didn’t b uzz off to be rich, to be superior, you just needed to be white in order to set the rules, vote, and to be free in a few days if there was a crime. In my history class I saw a docu manpowertary how an Afri send packing American 14 years old boy was killed just for public lecture to a white women and his case to get the censurable men in prison wasn’t that successful, and those men were set free and declargond not guilty.\r\n by and by a few days a touch told them they will receive money if they told the media the truth and so did the white men confessed and were sent to jail. This was a achievement for the boy’s mom, entirely still they unexpended an empty whole in that boy’s family. This is one of the few cases in the early years that a crime was solve to favor African Americans and many were just forgotten. Now days we have seeing that there is a huge share of color people dropping school every day. Many of these kids face pregnancy at an early age, the y start looking for jobs, etc.\r\nIn The pretension Purple, Celie was abused by her stepfather and had two kids with him. He always lowered her esteem by telling her she was wordless and fat. She didn’t want to go to school for this causes but slowly she started learning how to read and write because her sis helped her. Later on she created her own store and rule in life. Also in the film A Better Life we can see how a community of Hispanics has lowered education and many of the mobs are formed inside school. Schools are supposed to exhibit a safety environment so everyone can learn.\r\nThe school environment I saw in the film was kind of like a jail. guard was everywhere the school and many kids had tattoos everywhere in their body. Many poor cities are more in all likelihood to have a lack of education and many of them are black or Latinos. In Macho, the people in Mexico living in that city were fight for a job. The ones that had a job didn’t arrange a lot of money to bring feed to their families. Since that’s a big issue, many go in the hands of coyotes and try to im emigrate illegitimately to its neighbor country which is the United States.\r\nMany try to get a working visa but also many fail, and the merely choice they had was to voyage by the desert. A lot of people died in the process of passing border or they were leftover to die or they were shot but gang members. In conclusion races are the one that particularize this country because many of us came from different cultures. We came to the United States to find freedom, which the first amendment allowed to us, also to escape poverty of our countries, and give our family a better future. Many of the families that migrate to this country do it in different forms.\r\nMany innocent people face discriminations and racism because of their skin color or how they look. Their communities’ faces lack of educations, many of the schools are not receiving help from the g overnment. Poor communities are the ones that have a lot of diversity including blacks, Hispanic and Asians. This people have hardship looking for jobs and sometimes their only choice is to join a gang. Race has changed this country in different ways, and hopefully in years racism will have a different face.\r\n'

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