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'Website Credibility Evaluation\r'

'Evaluation of Web spot credibility Evaluation of Web localize credibleness Familydoctor. org is a web direct that supports schooling on a health related topics and wellness. This web point has a electron orbit of . org which means it is operated by an organization. The main purpose of this website is to hand over families with selective instruction on health related topics and offer wellness knowledge that get out benefit in each members of the family. This website was elect based on the fact that legion(predicate) people have families.Anyone who is interested in both health topics and/or wellness fuck understand this site by searching in various(a) search engines, such as Google or yahoo, by typing into the search bar family health or whatever health topic of interest. Evaluation of Credibility Authority This website provides selective data from family radiation pattern physicians, medical students and family practice residents. All of the training obtainable on this site has been written and approved by physicians and educators who have expertise in family practice and diligent teaching. The affiliates of familydoctor. rg argon tack together on the website along with all of the doctors and educators responsible for the information represent on the site. The information on the website goes through an editorial board that reviews the content, and whence sends it to a physician of the specialty topic for final review in the beginning being hardened on the web. Information This website is comprised of information that goes through a process of critiquing and evaluating before it is placed on the site. The information is written in a format that is understandable by all, regardless of the education. objectivity The information provided on this site is not objective.The site has a partner and many sister sites that are listed. When health related information is to be displayed on the site by outside sources that information has to go through the same peer reviewing and critiquing that the information from the site itself goes through. As long as the criteria that is set is met, then information dejection be posted on this site. Ease of Navigation Once on this site, in that location are headings labeled across the top that will aid in searching for what the site offers. For example, the diseases chosen are in alphabetical order and can be chosen using the first earn of the word.Another example is the headings are set for children, teens and elders. All of the information listed on this site can be printed and utilize as education or information. All advertisements on this site are clearly marked as advertisement and guidelines are set as to what the advertisements cannot contain. With all of this, browsing on this site is not difficult. secrecy and Security On this site is a unsophisticated explanation of the privacy policy with a concern to a more extensive privacy policy from the organization that opera tes this website.It is clearly say when, what and how personal information is collected and how it is utilise as well as how cookies are apply. The American Academy of Family Physicians is clearly stated as the operator of this site with contact information and other pertinent information. Empirical Evidence find out the credibility of a website starts with tools that can be employ to evaluate the site. The National subroutine library of Medicine (NLM) offers information defining how to evaluate websites credibility. Key factors such as; â€Å"Who runs and pays for the website, what the website’s purpose is, Where id the information on the site come from and how is the content selected,” (NLM, 2012). This writer went through the www. familydoctor. org website; it was fixed to be credible by using the factors from NLM. sizeableness to Nursing This site can be used by nurses for many purposes. Some purposes are: a) education to patients and family about diagnosis and treatment, b) information on wellness and prevention c) information to assist families with caring for their gray family member. Patients may receive conflicting health-related information from family, friends, and the media.Part of nurses’ determination as teachers is to help patients access and evaluate information so that they can make appropriate decisions and allay self-care (Anderson & Klemm 2008). There are an endless number of uses for this website to the care for profession. One can find this site to be easy to access and view. Conclusion Information found on the internet should not be the mend source of information, but can be used in adjunct to the education provided by the health care provider. Teaching the key factors to determine the credibility of a website is information that should be shared with patients and families.Although the Internet may be a source of empowerment for patients, it can overwhelm users because of the sheer amount of inform ation that is available (Anderson & Klemm 2008). References Anderson, A. & Klemm, P. (2008) The Internet: Friend or foe when providing patient education? Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing. 12(1) 55-63. National Library of Medicine (2012). Evaluating internet health information. A tutorial from the National Library of Medicine. Retrieved from http://www. nlm. nih. gov/medlineplus/webeval/webeval. html\r\n'

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