Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Child Abuse Laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Child Abuse Laws - Essay Example Statistics on child abuse in the UK are very alarming. In a period of one year between 2012 April and March 2013, the police recorded 23000 sexual offences against children. On average, at least one child is killed every week in the hands of an adult through physical abuse in the UK. In 2012, the police forces in England and Wales reported about 28000 cases of children running away from care as a result of constant abuse while the Sex Offenders Register for sexual offences against children recorded 2980 cases. Another shocking statistic is that about 34% of cases of child abuse are left unreported to authorities. This makes it difficult to tackle this problem.In order to adequately protect children from abuse, it is necessary to understand the factors that cause or threaten to cause abuse among children. There are various causes of child abuse. Studies show that children from violent parents who are constantly engaged in domestic violence are also likely to experience abuse from the parents. Children who get unintended pregnancies are also likely to experience abuse and neglect from their parents (Balliere & Tindall, 2003). In other cases, children with severe or moderate disabilities often have a higher rate of falling victims to abuse. Parents with a history of substance abuse are also likely to subject their children to abuse. Recent studies also indicate that children in the custody of non-biological parents, for instance those living with step parents, are 100 times more likely to face abuse. Child abuse has a wide range of effects on the children, some of which may be long term and may persist in to the adult life of the children. A recent research study dubbed Hidden Costs in Health Care: The Economic Impact of Violence and Abuse, makes the case that child abuse also has greater effects on the wider societies economic prospects. The report states that child abuse forms a greater part of expensive and costly public health policy which can be avoided with appropriate child protection legal frameworks. Some of the effects of child abuse on children include both physical and psychological effects. Child victims of abuse are exposed to a lot of physical injuries including bone fractures and may develop higher chances of contracting cancer. In some cases these physical damages may be temporary while in other cases they may persist in the long term. Among some of the permanent or long term physical infections on children as a result of abuse include brain impairments, shaken b aby syndrome, and poor physical health. Psychological effect

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