Friday, November 1, 2019

MUS 306 Introduction to Jazz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

MUS 306 Introduction to Jazz - Essay Example After school my friends and I bordered a bus, our stop was no any other place but scullars jazz club. How thrilling was it to set eyes on this big entertainment scenario, in our hands were tickets for the entry fee. On the stage there was colorful arrangement of instruments, their was a tall man with a complete apparel holding a golden shinning trumpet, on his immediate right was this slender man with a white shirt touching his saxophone repeatedly staring at the crowd which was almost going wild due to the thrills from the band. The description is not yet over if we leave behind this short blonde with a piano spread before him then there was this wooden gadget which I could identify as the clarinet. The clarinet is one of the prominent gadgets used in the jazz music stage. On the middle was this tall stand with a silvery microphone As was routine with these jazz band music it was played from Wednesday to Saturday every week. Our timing was pretty good we were at the club by 10.00 pm. The stage floor was covered in black soft velvet. As the revelers that night we took a sit on the sofas with our tables full of well lit candles with some wine on our glasses. Yes this is how the place should be, I whispered to myself. The people I saw to be following the sound from their seats. The song was summertime by Gershwin, in most of the occasions people could stand with their spouses dancing salsas kind of dance In its performance the music involved diversified styles of communicative aspects ranging from the tonal variation in which there was difference in the way the sound flow was. The content of the music involved the various life issues it was a blend of many music features in which the voice of the singer was well accompanied by the sound from the instruments. In addition, there is expression of emotions and feelings by the singer the case be. This actually involved the love

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