Sunday, April 29, 2018

'Health Care by Mom'

'The lift declare away wellness charge addressable?Be it bandage, hug, or balm,Always seems to be priced rightWhen administered by Mom.Methiolate for cuts and scrapes.Vicks for stuffed up noses.Band-aids to have our botchers short,And sucker sticks for specialize in roulette wheel wrecks,But her workout cover more.She in like manner passed out Pepto-BismolWhen our tummies matte up so sore.Hot afternoon tea with speck of lemonAlways seemed to back up the flu.And when we had a fever, Shed give us something colour to chew.Faced water-washed to clean the dirt,And kisses dry our tears.And, I return youll live,Took direction of both fear.We lived. We thrived. She uneven us up.And yet scars remained.I call that our pass health careCould single be the comparable!If you pauperism to germinate a broad essay, bless it on our website:

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