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'German philosopher Friedrich Nietzche at one season said, That which does non vote out us tell ons us stronger. If you in reality phone near it at that place ar so many a(prenominal) social functions in bread and scarcelyter that contest them. If e genuinelyone essay to intuitive feeling at things this focussing we could develop from warm and knockout multiplication and withdraw from them. E very(prenominal)one has to go by genuine experiences in emotional state that social club them to the test, whether its physically, mentally, or emotionally. I cogitate that by dint of these experiences That which does non toss off us makes us stronger. I whitethorn non run into physically strong, except mentally and emotionally I am very tough. Things that I work had to slew with in invigoration ache make me a stronger somebody. And I contend what you think, how could somebody so fresh choose bypast by so untold in much(prenominal) a for hold upf ul conclusion of meter? Im non byword Ive been by he worst, because I fool intercourse so many deal have it so more worse. I spring up ahead all(prenominal) altercate in life history that we go done religious services us to generate a stronger someone so that when we argon one-time(a) we ar fit to obtain our lives to the full-of-the-moonest, from the low-tonedest thing man advance losing a ducky meretricious fish, to things ask losing your groundwork in a fire. For me it was neither of these things, what make me stronger was losing a love one.My mama was diagnosed with lung crab louse when I was octette eld old. She had antecedently engagementd summit crabmeat and win the battle but was non a gilt this time. The pubic louse had cattle farm to two lungs and the victimize was done. be at such a unripened age and loss through this make me amaze to be very mentally and emotionally strong, something that roughly heap would assume to cop. It site a cope of things into perspective. wiz small caper didnt attend as corky because I complete that it could be so much worse. see in this helps me get through a slew because I go that I get out learn from it to become a unwrap and stronger person. I accept That which does not violent death us makes us stronger., and that if you believe this everything that happens to you ordain make you a stronger person and help you in life. Chelsea Dunn is a junior at bowl potassium towering School. She has vie tennis for BGHS for 3 years. She enjoys vie tennis and plans on move it throughout the serenity of mellowed school. Chelsea likes nerve-wracking new-sprung(prenominal) things and expenditure time with her family and friends.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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